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Exhibitor preview: Inter Data.


HALL 4A, P46

Bartec plans to highlight its data acquisition system, PETRODAT 3002. This is a flow computer for quantity measurement during refuelling of an aircraft, with radio link for on-line data exchange with the dispatch system. The system has recently been installed in airports in Malaysia, United States, Switzerland and Germany.

FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems


FMT is one of the leading companies in the field of integrated ramp operations, visual docking guidance systems, passenger boarding bridges, GSE, pushback and airport IT systems. The product range comprises an Aircraft Parking and Information System (APIS), a variety of passenger boarding bridges, Pop Up Aircraft Services, Push-Pilot (a robot for pushback operations) and ATLANTIS airport IT system.

The systems can be operated together or as standalone units.

FMT's exhibit at Inter Airport will focus on APIS and ATLANTIS, as well as the company's range of passenger boarding bridges. FMT will show off the latest APIS design and demonstrate the capabilities of the ATLANTIS airport IT system.

It has been a highly successful year for the company with orders for APIS coming in from airports in Taiwan, Spain, Australia, Turkey, the UAE, and the UK. FMT has also recently been awarded orders for passenger boarding bridges for Cologne/Bonn, Newcastle (UK) and Copenhagen airports. In addition, FMT has started to break new ground in the US with several passenger boarding bridge orders.


HALL 4A, Q30

Lochard will exhibit its GEMS Airport Noise and Flight Track Monitoring System, which was originally installed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in 1993 and is currently being updated.

The system, known as NOMOS II, includes an increase in the number of Environment Monitoring Units (EMUs) from 19 to 21, and the addition of three portable EMUs. The units communicate in real time over permanent communications links. This provides a continuous display of noise levels for Schiphol's scoop public information centre.

NOMOS II will also be updated to receive real time radar information to aid in the positive identification of noise sources around the airport.

Lochard currently has 49 Noise and Track Monitoring Systems operating at airports such as Manchester, Zurich, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sydney. In Australia, Lochard has implemented the world's largest system, monitoring eight airports in real time, networked from one central location and processing more than 4,000 movements every day.

To find out more about Lochard's experience in the range of noise and flight track monitoring systems visit the stand, where Martin Adams, Phil Stollery and Ned Macesic will be available to answer any questions.

Lufthansa Systems


Lufthansa Systems' modular product line, SYS*GROUND, creates efficient structures on the ground. It encompasses about 20 independent IT-solutions for each business process of ground handling. With SYS*GROUND, Lufthansa Systems has united its decades of experience in the business processes of the aviation industry, with innovative IT solutions.

Hans G. Koch, Managing Director of Lufthansa Systems, says: "With SYS*GROUND, we are creating a flexible base that will guarantee cost efficiency, security, and a maximum amount of service for all ground procedures in the future."

One advantage of SYS*GROUND is its modular set up. The individual components cover all procedures on the ground - from check-in to the aircraft loading. Of particular interest to airlines, airports, and handling agents is that they can choose whether they want to use the entire package, or just individual components.

SYS*GROUND's IT solutions are constructed with a client server architecture. The users no longer work at simple input/output stations which are all connected to the same mainframe and without their own computing performance, but rather with an "intelligent" PC.

Most importantly, says the company, the individual products of the SYS*GROUND line touch on every link in the ground handling chain, from check-in to boarding.

The Preston Group

HALL 4A, P37

The Preston Group will be exhibiting a variety of products in Munich, including its Terminal Management System (TMS) and Total Airspace and Airport Modeller (TAAM).

The TMS has been designed specifically to address Airport Management operational requirements and priorities and consists of various software modules each addressing a particular area of operational concern at an airport, such as the allocation of stands (bays), gate lounges, check-in counter equipment and baggage carousels.

The TAAM is a gate-to-gate application for fast time and real time simulation of airspace and airport operation. This system is used by airlines, airports and CAA's worldwide to model current operations and perform fast-time analyses achieving results that substantially reduce ground or airborne delays and costs.

To find out more about the TMS and TAAM visit Phil Raftery, Sales Manager and Sasha Klein, Vice President, Air Traffic Systems and Simulations at the stand

Safegate International

HALL 4A, N66

Although no specific new launches are planned, Inter Airport will see Safegate highlight several of its innovative products, including: the SAFEDOCK Visual Docking Guidance System (DGS); Gate Operating System (Control and Monitoring system for DGS); a control system for AFL (including the Airfield Smart Power System) and airfield lighting and signs.

The Docking Guidance System, which is fully compliant to ICAO Annex 14, gives visual guidance to the flight crew of an aircraft. It is based on a laser scanning 3D technique and can track both lateral and longitudinal positions of the aircraft.

Safegate has painted the Visual Docking Guidance Systems in gold to celebrate that more than 1000 in total have been produced, including loop and laser.

The Gate Operating System (GOS) is designed to control and monitor each DGS from a central position in the ramp tower and serves as an interface to other airport systems. Maintenance of the DGS can be performed from the GOS or from a Lap Top PC connected to the control panel.

The ASP system makes individual monitoring and switching of airfield lights possible without the need for laying special signal cables.

The SAFEDOCK Visual Docking Guidance System in Munich will be painted gold to celebrate more than 500 produced laser based system and more than 1,000 produced in total, including the old loop system.

4C Technology

HALL 4A, Q50

4C Technology specialises in software for airport logistics, specifically in the areas of baggage handling and air catering services. Unusually, instead of developing customised solutions, the company provides off-the-shelf configurable software products. While such applications usually use mid-range computer hardware, 4C offers PC-based solutions.

"Our special technology gives 3 to 5 times the performance of a conventional PC and sets new standards for mission critical reliability," says Business Development Manager, John Weiss.

At the show, 4C will be launching the latest version of the FACIT Airport Suite of software products including a baggage reconciliation system (BRS), codeless bag tracking and the baggage handling system supervisor.

4C Technology is currently implementing the automation strategy and process management for an air catering facility at Singapore Airlines' new SICC3 site at Changi. The company is in a consortium with Murata Machinery of Japan and Inter-Roller of Singapore.

Other projects include a baggage handling upgrade at Sydney International together with Vanderlande Industries of the Netherlands.



Topsonic specialises in the development, marketing and installation of all-in-one systems for aircraft noise and flight track monitoring. The company's noise monitoring system features a frequency analysis with 3D display functions, flight track analysis, replay of flight situations and detection of track deviations.

The integration of a geographical information system (GIS) gives information in identifying the buildings and the number of residents affected in noise zones and take off flight paths.

Both the central data units and stationary and mobile measurement stations are PC-based systems using Windows NT standard software. The greatest advantage is that systems can be easily integrated into the existing IT structures of an airport, claims the company.

Topsonic has been awarded contracts for its Noise and Track Monitoring Systems from airports such as Oslo Gardermoen, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Bremen and Munich.

Topsystem Systemhaus

HALL 4A, M60

Topsystem will be showing the software packages GHS (Ground Handling System) and top-ASS (Airport Software Solutions).

Among the top-ASS packages, the company is emphasising SafeScan and SITAServer. SafeScan was developed for the safety check of passenger baggage, while the SITAServer was developed to automate the interpretation and forwarding of SITA messages. In addition to receiving messages, the software can create messages and format them according to AHM recommendations.

Top-Communication, meanwhile, is a brand new message handling system which the company says can be configured by users without programming to integrate additional communication components. The system is a high-tech data distribution centre which handles routing, framing, data exchange and storage of messages and files, even in email or HTML formats.
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