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Ngoni exhibition attracts art enthusiasts. Mar 15, 2020 308
Celebrating one of our greatest painters; One of Wales' most important artists of the last century is celebrated with a new exhibition at the Martin Tinney Gallery this month, writes Jenny White... Jenny White Mar 14, 2020 427
BECOMING ARTEMISIA. Barrington, Breeze Mar 1, 2020 3300
March highlights. Mar 1, 2020 457
Avant-garde art of St Ives greats reunited in exhibition. Feb 27, 2020 292
Small but perfectly formed; A new exhibition at the Albany Gallery celebrates the beauty of small paintings, writes Jenny White... Jenny White Feb 15, 2020 596
Solo Exhibition of paintings by Asim Amjad opens at OAG. Jan 27, 2020 337
Sindh Information Minister opens thesis exhibition of CIAC. Jan 19, 2020 365
Press preview of painting exhibition on Friday. Jan 2, 2020 169
Elmhurst Art Museum exhibit celebrates its founding member. Amanda Berrios Elmhurst Art Museum Dec 29, 2019 381
Norman's conquest; With the enduring appeal of Norman Cornish being celebrated in his centenary year with a major exhibition at the Bowes Museum, DAVID WHETSTONE met those who knew him. DAVID WHETSTONE Dec 13, 2019 1389
Elmhurst Art Museum exhibit celebrates its founding member. Amanda Berrios Elmhurst Art Museum Dec 6, 2019 410
Louvre exhibit acclaims Da Vinci, 500 years after his death. Oct 22, 2019 748
Chapels revisited; GALLERIES Cardigan-based artist Joanna Jones revisited the scenery of her childhood for her latest exhibition, writes Jenny White. Oct 19, 2019 1129
In 1977, Linda Nochlin's exhibition 'Women Artists: 1550-1950' was a revelation for its reviewer in Apollo. O'Byrne, Robert Oct 1, 2019 792
Swedish artist to exhibit his works in Baku. Sep 13, 2019 317
Laying down the layers; Two artists inspired by the most ancient roots of art are exhibiting together in Rug Gallery, Cardiff, this September, writes Jenny White. Aug 31, 2019 387
Expressive exhibition. Aug 27, 2019 648
A stormy vision; Dramatic images of stormy Wales take centre stage at The Albany Gallery's latest exhibition, writes Jenny White. Aug 23, 2019 397
A stormy vision; Dramatic images of STORMYWALEs take centre stage at The Albany Gallery's latest exhibition, writes JennyWhite. Aug 23, 2019 411
Scene City / Visual and Wearable art exhibition at Kadayawan Launch. Aug 14, 2019 311
Exhibition at Katara portrays Qatar's life, flora and fauna. Jul 22, 2019 469
Exhibition at Katara portrays Qatar's life, flora and fauna. Jul 21, 2019 472
East Asian 'Herstory' abstract art exhibition free until Aug 9. Jul 20, 2019 354
Summer showcase; The annual summer exhibition at Cardiff's Albany Gallery is showcasing a selection of artists.We take a look at the work on offer. Jul 19, 2019 727
Midsummer magic; Art at the Hall is an ongoing series of curated exhibitions at the Temperance Hall at Llangathen, Carmarthenshire. Jenny White previews the next instalment - Midsummer CAHOOTS at the Hall... Jun 8, 2019 766
A unique perspective; Renowned Welsh artist Gareth Thomas is celebrated in a solo exhibition at Fountain Fine Art Gallery, writes Jenny White... May 18, 2019 647
Scots in the frame at prestigious exhibition. May 12, 2019 284
Ocean Galleries Announces 2019 Summer Art Exhibitions - Stone Harbor, NJ Gallery to Host Seven Extraordinary Exhibits with Guest Artists. May 8, 2019 1686
Spurred by National Artist uncle, retired art teacher holds first painting exhibit at age 77. May 8, 2019 653
Exhibition on occasion of 100th anniversary of Turdakun Usubaliyev kicks off in Gapar Aitiyev Fine Arts Museum. May 3, 2019 127
Beauty and grace; By turns calming and colourful, Susan Gathercole and Sigrid Muller's joint exhibition at Martin Tinney Gallery brings two of Wales' finest still life painters together, writes Jenny White. Apr 27, 2019 527
Vic Sotto's daughter Paulina launches exhibit with grandfather Arturo Luz. Apr 11, 2019 535
Two exhibits set to open at Elmhurst Art Museum. Apr 4, 2019 979
Works of building-painter turned artist exhibited. Mar 25, 2019 537
Madar, Arteology exhibit exclusive paintings of George Bahgoury. Mar 17, 2019 915
HRH Premier inaugurates Bahrain's 45th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. Feb 20, 2019 566
HRH Premier patronises Bahrain's 45th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. Feb 20, 2019 566
Exhibition on Sadequain opens at Lahore Museum. Feb 11, 2019 522
Rachel Malcolm Ensor's 'Sojourn' exhibit at The Varsity. Feb 8, 2019 309
Rarely-seen da Vinci drawings on display at gallery's exhibition; SHOW MARKS 500th ANNIVERSARY OF ARTIST'S DEATH. Feb 1, 2019 448
NEW art exhibitions by four [...]. Dec 14, 2018 222
A starting point pieced together Hoche Briones's latest exhibit. Nov 20, 2018 1091
Riyadh exhibition captures an artist's journey into the soul of Syria. Nov 8, 2018 633
Artist in the frame for exhibition. Nov 1, 2018 387
Park painters' art exhibition. Oct 11, 2018 141
Boris part of art exhibition. Sep 25, 2018 176
The spirit of our streets is captured on canvas; ACCLAIMED ARTIST CAPTURES LIFE AND THE MOOD OF CITY IN NEW 'THIS IS MANCHESTER' EXHIBITION. Sep 25, 2018 744
Joint exhibition displays vibrant Welsh talent. Aug 31, 2018 316
EXHIBITION IS PICTURE PERFECT; Christmas has come early as Paisley Artists'get set for annual display. Aug 25, 2018 765
Something for everyone; The summer exhibition at Cardiff's Martin Tinney Gallery showcases new work from some of the finest artists of Wales' past and present, writes Jenny White... Jul 14, 2018 310
Two abstract expressionist artists put on 'rioting, vibrant' exhibition. Jun 23, 2018 535
Exhibition of art and sculpture at Ffin Y Parc. Jun 22, 2018 346
Painting a fresh picture of the lives, and work, of the pitmen; Culture Award winner Narbi Price tells DAVID WHETSTONE about two new exhibitions that draw inspiration from the famous pitmen painters of Ashington. May 26, 2018 1259
Award-winning artist Narbi Price has followed in the footsteps of the pitmen painters; The artist is exhibiting his own paintings and those of the Ashington Group which previously haven't been on show. May 25, 2018 1290
Three artists drawn to Welsh landscape for their inspiration; Naive realist John Cooper's work sits alongside self-taught painter Wynne Jenkins and relatively new Welsh artist Sian McGill in a bright and bold new exhibition focusing on the beauty OFWALEs.We take a look at their work... May 11, 2018 391
Artists who learn together, exhibit together. May 11, 2018 277
Exhibition of young painters opens in Old City. May 3, 2018 363
Exhibition of young painters opens in Old City. May 3, 2018 134
Political art at its darkest: Dubai-based gallery set to exhibit work by figurative painter Nicky Nodjoumi. May 1, 2018 337
Go where the Monet is or the Klimt, or the Kahlo... SWAP BEACH BREAKS FOR THE CITY AND THESE MUST-SEE EXHIBITIONS, SAYS SARAH MARSHALL. Apr 26, 2018 678
Go where the Monet is or the Klimt, or the Kahlo... SWAP BEACH BREAKS FOR THE CITY AND THESE MUST-SEE EXHIBITIONS, SAYS SARAH MARSHALL. Apr 25, 2018 666
No more of the dog's life for famous painting; A well known Bedlington terrier is emerging from the murk to star in a new art exhibition, as DAVID WHETSTONE has been finding out. Apr 25, 2018 1091
Go where the Monet is or the Klimt, or the Kahlo... SWAP BEACH BREAKS FOR THE CITY AND THESE MUST-SEE EXHIBITIONS, SAYS SARAH MARSHALL. Apr 25, 2018 677
Ugandan artists make waves at Village Market exhibition. Apr 20, 2018 587
Brighouse folk star Roger Davies is a winner in the art world too; SINGER/SONGWRITER TURNS ARTIST WITH A FIRST EXHIBITION OF BRIGHOUSE-INSPIRED WORKS, WRITES HILARIE STELFOX. Apr 6, 2018 451
New portrait exhibition shows Cezanne's maverick side. Mar 26, 2018 719
Under the knife; You might have seen Jonathan Yeo's portraits but you won't have seen his cosmetic surgery paintings. DAVID WHETSTONE had a tour of his new exhibition opening today in the North East. Mar 10, 2018 1343
Quezon artists mount exhibit. Feb 28, 2018 520
Exhibition gives painter long overdue recognition; A rare chance to assess the work of a notable 20th Century artist has come up in Newcastle. DAVID WHETSTONE reports on the David Bomberg exhibition. Feb 22, 2018 799
Exhibition showcases paintings of Pakistan's landscapes. Feb 20, 2018 430
Water colourists stage comeback at Adam and Eve's Spring Exhibition. Jan 28, 2018 514
New art exhibition opening in shopping centre. Jan 17, 2018 191
QM's exhibition German Encounters draws to a close. Jan 16, 2018 325
Saeed Akhtar's solo exhibition starts. Jan 16, 2018 202
"I want visitors in an exhibition to stop in front of my paintings for five minutes". Jan 14, 2018 1163
QM's exhibition German Encounters draws to a close. Jan 14, 2018 388
UAF opens art exhibition. Jan 11, 2018 391
Power Play: French-Algerian artist Neil Beloufa examines the dynamics of art and authority in a new exhibition in Paris. Johnson, Grant Jan 1, 2018 738
Watercolor paintings of Taiwanese artists on display at world exhibition. Dec 12, 2017 221
First exhibit of Luna's 'The Death of Cleopatra'. Nov 16, 2017 1158
Wonderful world of watercolours; Some of the UK's finest watercolour painters are exhibiting their work at Cardiff's Albany Gallery this October. We take a look at a selection of the artworks on display. Oct 20, 2017 382
Wonderful world of watercolours; Some of the UK's finest watercolour painters are exhibiting their work at Cardiff'sAlbany Gallery this October.We take a look at a selection of the artworks on display. Oct 20, 2017 408
Friends reunited; Two artists who have not seen each other since their college days are exhibiting together for the first time this month... Rachel Mainwaring found out more. Oct 14, 2017 457
OPERA Passion, Power AND Politics: Denise Wendel-Poray contemplates the challenges of presenting opera on a silent stage in the V&A's latest blockbuster exhibition. Wendel-Poray, Denise Sep 22, 2017 1473
A truly Welsh style of painting; The dramatic landscape paintings of Martin Llewellyn have arrived at Cardiff's Albany Gallery in what is expected to be one of its most popular shows of the year. Rachel Mainwaring takes a look at the exhibition. Sep 16, 2017 477
'It's all about the sense of place' Five female artists, each with a distinct perspective on the the UK's rural and urban environments, are exhibiting together at the Late November Gallery in Haverfordwest this September. Sep 9, 2017 591
Trading places: Capturing the hustle of the markets; The buzz and characters of the Second City's Wholesale Markets have been captured by artist Danny Howes for a new exhibition which opens next month. Roz Laws reports. Sep 8, 2017 740
Trading places: Capturing the hustle of the markets; The buzz and characters of the Second City's Wholesale Markets have been captured by artist Danny Howes for a new exhibition which opens next month. Aug 24, 2017 781
A meeting of minds; They'll tell you there used to be an artists'colony in Cullercoats - but in fact there still is. DAVID WHETSTONE tracked down a group of artists who exhibit around the world from above the Co-op in the coastal village. Aug 19, 2017 1272
Polish artist exhibits intriguing portraits. Aug 19, 2017 731
Rubio, Cacnio collaborate in unique exhibit. Aug 14, 2017 372
Painting exhibition starts. May 18, 2017 336
Enjoy a different perspective; A new exhibition at Cardiff's Albany Gallery brings together seven respected painters, each with a unique vision, in a fascinating collection called Seven Perspectives. May 12, 2017 386
Four major exhibits mark 'Mang' Cesar Legaspi's 100th birthday. Mar 5, 2017 953
A true melting pot of culture; Out of Chaos - the new exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery - showcases the contribution of outstanding artists from around the world to Britain's cultural heritage. Curator SARAH RICHARDSON explores the Whitechapel Boys, a group of artists linked by their Jewish migrant heritage. Nov 14, 2016 810
Two major exhibitions. Nov 11, 2016 347
Canvas chronicler who captured a vibrant era; The region's industry meant drama and beauty to Richard Hobson. DAVID WHETSTONE reports on a new two-part exhibition of his work. Nov 1, 2016 734
Why I'm drawn to be wild; Four of the region's most accomplished wildlife artists will be exhibiting together this week. DAVID WHETSTONE talks to painter Jason Lowes. Oct 24, 2016 768
Wildlife artists join forces for an exhibition of paintings and sculptures; The three painters and a sculptor will be exhibiting and selling work at the Northern Wildlife Art Exhibition in Northumberland. Oct 23, 2016 789
Collective Exhibition 2016 opens at Anima Gallery today. Sep 7, 2016 910
Exhibition "Beautiful Pakistan" showcased at RAC. Aug 6, 2016 210
From the shipyards to the art gallery - a new exhibition will showcase work of Tyne shipyard artists; Display by shipyard workers follows in footsteps of pitmen painters and features work of welders and carpenters. Jul 10, 2016 717
Annual exhibition of young painter on April 12. Apr 11, 2016 107
Annual exhibition of young painter on April 12. Apr 11, 2016 107
Present tension at Seattle Art Museum: classically composed work in the new exhibit, "Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic," travels through time and culture. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 274
Preview. Moore, Susan Feb 1, 2016 1069
Work by the Pitmen Painters is arranged alongside modern recreations in a new exhibition; The Ashington District Star, which is the latest attraction at Woodhorn Museum, features photos by Julian Germain and local people. Oct 23, 2015 813
So much to discover about this 'lost' artist; More than 70 works by Pre-raphaelite artist E. R. Hughes go on show in Birmingham on Saturday. Graham Young talks to curator Victoria Osborne about what inspired the exhibition. Oct 15, 2015 1020
'Please don't ask me how we did it!' Xavier Bray on bringing together Goya's portraits. Bray, Xavier Oct 1, 2015 851
Surface tension. McKever, Rosalind Sep 1, 2015 2421
Breathing space: Agnes Martin's serene paintings give Martin Herbert pauses for thought. Herbert, Martin Sep 1, 2015 822
'I cannot envisage a life without painting' Renowned Welsh painter Gareth Thomas turns 60 this year, and to celebrate he is holding a major exhibition of new paintings. Here are eight good reasons to add one of his pieces to your collection. Jun 19, 2015 657
reasons to add Gareth Thomas' work to your art collection 8; Renowned Welsh painter Gareth Thomas turns 60 this year, and to celebrate he is holding a major exhibition of new paintings, which explore some of his favourite themes, including the landscapes OFWALES, Scotland and the south of France. JennyWhite gives eight good reasons to add one of his pieces to your collection. Jun 19, 2015 740
Boy wonder: a show of Eric Ravilious's watercolours adds to the artist's growing reputation. Haycock, David Boyd Jun 1, 2015 1024
Ocean Galleries Announces 2015 Summer Art Exhibitions: Jane Seymour, John Lennon, Peter Max, Alexandre Renoir, and Victoria Montesinos Featured. May 6, 2015 848
Norman Cornish exhibition at Woodhorn Museum all set to draw in the crowds; Paintings by the late miner-turned-artist go on show in museum which also holds archive of work by the famous Ashington Group of pitmen painters. May 1, 2015 484
Jane Seymour Brings Stunning Collection of Artwork to Ocean Galleries for Memorial Day Weekend Exhibition. Apr 27, 2015 783
US based Oncologist cum Painter holds exhibition at Artist Colony. Mar 18, 2015 272
Maxwell figures it out in London; Talented Huddersfield figure painter, stages another solo exhibition in the capital. Feb 27, 2015 386
In their footsteps; The spirit of three of Wales' greatest landscape artists lives on as two of their proteges hold a joint exhibition. Jenny White finds out more about the show. Feb 6, 2015 645
In their footsteps; The spirit of three OFWALEs' greatest landscape artists lives on as two of their proteges hold a joint exhibition. JennyWhite finds out more about the show. Feb 6, 2015 875
Artists reinvent Mother and Child in Heart Center exhibit. Nov 24, 2014 649
The pictures that all come with their own stories; Portrait painter Jonathan Yeo talks to Culture Editor DAVID WHETSTONE about his celebrated subjects who feature in an exhibition in Newcastle. Nov 15, 2014 1222
Exhibition for 33 painters from around the world in Belgium. Nov 10, 2014 533
Abstract painter holds Cebu homecoming exhibit. Sep 29, 2014 641
Quirky relish for invention; Artist Damien Hirst and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber are among the patrons of illustrator and oil painter Paul Slater, whose retrospective exhibition opens in Calderdale this weekend. Sep 26, 2014 678
Exhibition opens window on Spanish life. Sep 25, 2014 521
Popularity of Peter grows; a Silent Pennine Valley The 10th annual exhibition of Peter Brook's work shows off a lifetime of his highly collectable collection. Sep 19, 2014 510
Kamal Hyat's exhibition continues at Nomad gallery. Sep 18, 2014 268
Group exhibition of female artists at gallery6. Aug 7, 2014 318
'I'm never going to stop painting' The respected and elusive painter Bob Reeves is about to hold his final solo exhibition. But he tells JennyWhite that he has no plans to hang up his brushes. Jul 11, 2014 878
To rival Claude: Jason Rosenfeld on an exhibition that seeks to establish Richard Wilson's innovation and influence. Rosenfeld, Jason Jul 1, 2014 1355
exhibitions throughout Wales this weekend; on show. Jun 20, 2014 2306
Landscapes exhibition starts at Gallery 6. Jun 13, 2014 253
Twisted landscapes; Not all landscape artists paint exactly what they see. An example is Martin Greenland. ALAN SYKES visited his latest exhibition. May 28, 2014 631
exhibitions throughout Wales this weekend; on show. May 23, 2014 2224
Out of this world; A new solo exhibition of 15 new abstract paintings by Belfast-born painter Andre Stitt focuses on the universe. Alison Stokes meets the artist and enjoys a preview of the show. May 16, 2014 892
Height of summer: restored works by Pontormo and Rosso cast a new light on 16th-century Florentine painting. Henry, Tom May 1, 2014 1029
Venetian colour: Peter Humfrey celebrates the first survey of Veronese's career ever to be staged in London. Humfrey, Peter May 1, 2014 1137
Marvellous Malthouse; It's 100 years since his birth and around half a century since he held a solo exhibition in Cardiff, so gallery owner Rhian Kooywood felt it was fitting to pay tribute to Eric Malthouse with a major exhibition. Emily Lambert finds out more about the artist. Apr 11, 2014 888
Introducing Innes; The first exhibition of work BYWELSH landscape artist James Dickson Innes for 27 years marks the centenary of his death. Karen Price takes a look at his paintings. Apr 4, 2014 606
Art city: a new exhibition revives memories of abstract expressionist david budd. -KIPLING, KAY Apr 1, 2014 806
The present tense. Sperling, Matthew Apr 1, 2014 2353
Mona Al Munajjed holds exhibit of her art collection. Mar 19, 2014 662
On a knife edge; David Barnes doesn't set out to be liked as a painter, he aims to make an impact. As he opens his latest exhibition, he tells Jenny White how his admiration for Sir Kyffin Wiliams' strong style helped him find his own voice. Mar 8, 2014 853
Ska legend's gone pop for solo show; Horace Panter, from The Specials, has brought his pop art exhibition to Birmingham. ZOE CHAMBERLAIN finds out more. Mar 7, 2014 790
Becoming El Greco. Casper, Andrew R. Mar 1, 2014 2451
Naumoska and Eftimovski stage exhibitions in Sofia and Munich. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 123
Fresh appeal of art giants; A major exhibition offering fresh insight into the outdoor working styles of Turner and Constable is set to take your breath away, says Barbara Hodgson ART. Feb 25, 2014 554
Making an exhibition of myself can heal wounds; Artist Dale Marshall talks to Catherine Vonledebur about his painful personal journey from young graffiti artist to contemporary fine art painter. Feb 13, 2014 1761
True colours; Six woman artists are brought together for a new exhibition in a celebration of colour and individuality. Jenny White enjoys a preview. Feb 8, 2014 833
A time of Gods. Cooper, Artemis Feb 1, 2014 2166
Celebrating a 'constant companion' VISUAL ARTS A major exhibition of paintings opening in North Wales this weekend brings to a close a year-long programme of events and projects to celebrate the centenary of the birth of renowned poet, R S Thomas. Karen Price finds out about the artists involved and the work they have produced. Jan 31, 2014 786
Bishkek to host exhibition dedicated to Ilya Repin and Karl Bryullov. Jan 29, 2014 246
Capturing the beauty of North East coast; An artist who finds inspiration on her doorstep is the first to exhibit in a new gallery. DAVID WHETSTONE talks to Francesca Simpson. Nov 23, 2013 854
Debut exhibition for painter - at 99. Nov 23, 2013 486
Painter's style inspired by French master; JULIE CHAMBERLAIN visits a new exhibition of an award-winning artist. Nov 22, 2013 528
Chennai hosts tribal art exhibition. Oct 14, 2013 247
on show exhibitions. Oct 4, 2013 1199
Artist Darren Baker's New Exhibition, Monochrome at OPUS Fine Art. Oct 4, 2013 408
Documenting the days of our lives; VISUAL ARTS As a new book and exhibition celebrates the life and work of Claudia Williams, the artist's immense contribution to the Welsh art scene is put in perspective by Mel Gooding. Sep 27, 2013 591
Painting a real picture of Wales; Two artists with a passion for Wales' wilder places are being brought together for the first time. Jenny White meets them as they prepare to open their exhibition. Sep 20, 2013 840
The Noble art of catching the mood; A good exhibition is balanced, says painter Keith Noble - and that's why there is a thrilling mix of subjects in his new exhibition, as Jenny White discovers. Aug 30, 2013 864
Spoken Art exhibition: Where paintings speak louder than words. Aug 28, 2013 691
Bringing colours of nature to life; One of four artists exhibiting at Cardiff's Albany Gallery this month, Ian Hargreaves tells Jenny White how changing his theme, style and medium helps to keep his work fresh VISUAL ARTS. Aug 16, 2013 764
A sense of place; He may not live in Wales but Jonathan Taylor's new exhibition reflects his fascination with the Welsh landscape. The Worcester-based artist tells Jenny White why the country is so close to his heart. Jun 21, 2013 879
Painter Fauzia Khan holds painting exhibition to mark environment day. Jun 10, 2013 246
Walk on the wild side as finest goes on show; One of the region's most popular galleries reopens this weekend with a stunning exhibition of wildlife art, as DAVID WHETSTONE reports. Apr 20, 2013 686
Joan Snyder: gering & lopez gallery. Schwabsky, Barry Apr 1, 2013 568
Couple's mutual respect allows space for very different views of the landscape; A new exhibition in Tenby brings together the work of two renowned painters - husband and wife David Bellamy and Jenny Keal. They tell Jenny White why they love to paint landscapes but prefer to work apart. Mar 30, 2013 862
'A superb painter, weaver, teacher and mother' It may be the centenary of R S Thomas' birth today, but his successful artist wife is also being celebrated with a major exhibition and lecture. Karen Price uncovers the story of Mildred Elsie Eldridge. Mar 29, 2013 871
onshow exhibitions. Mar 8, 2013 833
Clothes maker, sculptor, weaver, knitter, teacher, writer and illustrator; MAJOR EXHIBITION OF ARTIST ELSI'S RARELY SEEN WORK. Mar 4, 2013 917
Clothes maker sculptor, weaver, knitter, teacher, writer and illustrator; MAJOR EXHIBITION OF ARTISTE ELSI'S RARELY SEEN WORK. Mar 4, 2013 917
Clothes maker sculptor, weaver, knitter, teacher, writer , and illustrator; MAJOR EXHIBITION OF ARTISTE ELSI'S RARELY SEEN WORK. Mar 4, 2013 918
onshow exhibitions. Mar 1, 2013 929
The simple pleasures; ART A new exhibition marking the centenary of artist Ralph Hedley's death follows a picturesque path back to Victorian times, as Barbara Hodgson reports. Feb 26, 2013 770
onshow exhibitions. Feb 22, 2013 1124
The Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Presents the Opening of the Exhibition: Famous Russian Contemporary Artists. Jan 31, 2013 256
onshow exhibitions. Jan 18, 2013 872
In search of the spiritual; Following his father-in-law's death, Irish artist Andre Still began reflecting on our place in the world. As he opens a major new exhibition, Emily Lambert asks him about the story behind the paintings. Jan 4, 2013 1088
onshow exhibitions. Jan 4, 2013 750
onshow exhibitions. Dec 14, 2012 1167
Exhibition by acclaimed Turkish artists opens in y-stanbul. Dec 9, 2012 169
onshow exhibitions. Dec 7, 2012 1180
A painter's focus: the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles has recently acquired 29 photographs by Cy Twombly. They reveal a little known aspect of his artistic activity, demonstrating both how the camera informed his work as a painter and how he came to embrace the photograph as an independent art form. Kovacs, Arpad Dec 1, 2012 2888
Two decades has seen a lot of Welsh art and a lot of very happy Welsh artists; It's 20 years since Martin Tinney opened his own art gallery in Cardiff after turning his back on a career in medicine. Since then, he's hosted more than 200 exhibitions, participated in more than 50 art fairs and sold almost 10,000 paintings. To celebrate the landmark birthday, Karen Price asks him to choose 10 highlights from his years as a gallery owner. Nov 17, 2012 752
How tat became collectors' items; The new big exhibition at Baltic features work by a man drawn to artistic tat. DAVID WHETSTONE reports on the wild and wonderful world of Jim Shaw. Nov 10, 2012 918
A Museum of one's own: Harry Cooper on the Clyfford Still Museum. Nov 1, 2012 1794
From the archives: a Dali retrospective opens at the Pompidou Centre in Paris this month--32 years after his last solo show there. But at the time of the original exhibition, his glory days had long been over, wrote Stuart Preston in April 1980. O'Byrne, Robert Nov 1, 2012 769
Salman Khan inaugurates painting exhibition in Mumbai. Oct 24, 2012 170
Tanzara gallery to exhibit Bangladeshi artists show on Wednesday. Oct 24, 2012 536
From the palette and the plate; PAINTINGS An exhibition that looks good enough to eat will celebrate the depiction of food and drink in art. David Whetstone offers an appetiser. Sep 25, 2012 735
Two artists taking a different perspective are latest in long line to be inspired by beauty of Welsh coastline; In a new exhibition, two artists interpret the Welsh coastline - with very different results. Emily Lambert takes a look at the work of painter Phil Parry and photographer Graham Pritchard. Sep 15, 2012 817
Art exhibit examines `Vanishing Landscape'. Sep 13, 2012 566
Titian transformed: the National Gallery has celebrated securing the Bridgewater Titians with an unusual collaborative exhibition. Curator Minna Moore Ede talks to Apollo about the rationale behind the show--and how the great Venetian painter continues to speak to us. Humphries, Oscar Sep 1, 2012 2034
Friends reunited; Friends Jane Corsellis and Peter Brown are exhibiting in a show that covers everything from suburban Cardiff to Pembrokeshire's wild coastline. They tell Jenny White about their love of Wales. Aug 17, 2012 821
Bartolo's sacred narrative: exhibition reunites art, maps development of adoration. McBee, Richard Aug 17, 2012 1151
Artwork unveiled; Exhibition will raise funds for Wateraid. Jun 30, 2012 511
Different voices; From pencil drawings by an emerging talent to delicate pottery by a Gold Medal Winner, this year's Welsh Artist of the Year exhibition is certainly eclectic. We take a look at some of the entries. Jun 29, 2012 980
Graffiti grows up for artist's expressionist exhibition; Once illicit and clandestine, graffiti art has come of age, Remi Rough tells TAMZIN LEWIS. Jun 27, 2012 657
In touch with nature; It's been a tough year for artist Gareth Thomas, but after a major heart operation he is already back in action, with a solo exhibition at Swansea's Attic Gallery. Jenny White reports. Jun 15, 2012 834
Tony's solo show; Exhibitions. Jun 15, 2012 269
Five-year-old art prodigy's New York exhibition. Jun 14, 2012 180
onshow exhibitions. Jun 1, 2012 1503
onshow exhibitions. May 25, 2012 1395
French painter exhibits art for children. May 25, 2012 483
onshow exhibitions. May 11, 2012 1433
Kurdish painter Chiman Ismaeel to exhibit in Madrid. May 7, 2012 469
The (he)art of the family; PAINTINGS Visitors to a Newcastle gallery are in for a treat this summer as a major exhibition showcases the work of artists ranging from Gainsborough to Hockney and, as Barbara Hodgson discovers, it's a family spectacular. Apr 24, 2012 818
Group exhibition of women artists concludes. Apr 23, 2012 382
Group exhibition of 80 women artists continues at PNCA. Apr 16, 2012 386
The house of cards: by reuniting a small group of Chardin's paintings and associated prints, an exhibition at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, explores the artist's subtle variations on the themes of childhood, play and adolescence within his figure scenes. Carey, Juliet Apr 1, 2012 3423
The wonders of watercolour; The Watercolour Society of Wales was founded in 1959 and is still going strong today. Jenny White reports on the group's latest exhibition at the Attic Gallery in Swansea. Mar 23, 2012 806
Three young Northeast painters hold maiden exhibition in New Delhi. Mar 16, 2012 348
Talent of a modern pioneer shines through at the DLI; An important North East artist has been lifted from relative obscurity by an exhibition in Durham, as ALAN SYKES reports. Mar 8, 2012 757
Turkish and Greek painters open joint exhibition. Mar 5, 2012 109
Exhibition of late Prof Nagori's paintings. Jan 16, 2012 248
Art exhibition in Mizoram. Jan 8, 2012 335
In the court of a genius; London's once-in-a-lifetime Leonardo da Vinci exhibition is seminal to an understanding of the man, writes Diane Parkes. Dec 22, 2011 915
Exhibition of Monet's water lilies gives city a UK first. Dec 14, 2011 466
Exhibition opens. Dec 1, 2011 692
Turkey-Canada -Turkish painter opens exhibition in Toronto. Nov 8, 2011 147
The artistry of clay: Gordon Baldwin forges his ceramics into colourful, abstract forms, blurring the boundaries between pottery, sculpture and even painting. In the coming months, the north of England plays host to two timely exhibitions at York Castle Museum, which pay tribute to this pioneering British artist. Guilding, Ruth Interview Nov 1, 2011 2383
Spotlight on Miami: more than 100 of the world's most talented artists make a splash at Miami SOLO. Pahle, Rebecca; Dammann, Laurel Nov 1, 2011 2083
Painting by numbers; An unsettling new exhibition tackles themes of human confinement and trafficking. Artist Glenn Ibbitson speaks to Jenny White about his work. Oct 28, 2011 842
A faith in art; Poems and paintings combine in a new exhibition by retired vicar Andrew Vessey. But, he tells Karen Price, not all of his pieces refer to his religion. Oct 14, 2011 1003
onshow exhibitions. Oct 14, 2011 1273
Old Master; PAINTER'S FIRST EXHIBITION AT 100. Sep 21, 2011 116
Artist's love of steam is not hot air; An artist inspired by Britain's rich railway heritage is showcasing his work for the first time in his home city. LIZ LAMB finds out more about the exhibition. Sep 12, 2011 602
Out of the shadows HEN it; Best known for his egg tempera paintings of the Welsh coastline, Ceri Auckland Davies has ventured inland for his latest exhibition - and the results have a brooding brilliance, writes Jenny White. Sep 9, 2011 850
A painter of souls: an exhibition opening this month in Dresden reunites Raphael's Sistine Madonna and Madonna di Foligno for the first time in 500 years. A comparison of the two altarpieces reveals just how innovatively Raphael developed his treatment of the Madonna in the clouds motif. Henning, Andreas Sep 1, 2011 2368
A capital day out for all; Edward Stephens chooses some of the best shows, tours and exhibitions. Jul 28, 2011 934
onshow exhibitions. Jul 8, 2011 1153
A Freilekhn Gebortstog, Moishe Shagal. Hartman, Julie Brief article Jul 6, 2011 207
Creative forks: Jeremy Roe reports on an exhibition that seeks to reposition Joaquin Torres-Garcia as a pioneer of European abstraction. Roe, Jeremy Jul 1, 2011 1103
onshow exhibitions. Jun 24, 2011 1491
The wallpaper painter who became the apple of the art world's eye; Tate Liverpool's Magritte exhibition goes behind the bowler hat, reports Laura Davis. Jun 17, 2011 726
onshow exhibitions. Jun 17, 2011 1423
onshow exhibitions. Jun 10, 2011 1395
varied scenery of Provence How the bright colours and artist bolder with the brush made a Welsh landscape; Today 70 new works by Gareth Thomas go on show in an exhibition in Cardiff. He tells Jenny White how his style continues to evolve, thanks to time spent in France. Jun 4, 2011 762
onshow exhibitions. Jun 3, 2011 1308
Jan Gossart Mabuse at the National Gallery. Bruce, Donald Jun 1, 2011 2509
Family ties; A new father and son exhibition by Aneurin and Meirion Jones celebrates a love of light and the power of the memory, as Jenny White discovers. May 27, 2011 783
Twin perspective; Oskar Kokoschka's favourite pupil and one of Pembrokeshire's newest artists have joined forces for a new exhibition that offers fresh viewpoints on Wales' stunning scenery. Jenny White finds out more. May 6, 2011 761
The way of the cross exhibit; DAVID WHETSTONE recalls the painter Norman Adams whose work is on show in Newcastle. Apr 23, 2011 775
George is so proud of his paintings; Catherine Jones on the 102-year-old who is having his work exhibited in the Academy of Arts, Seel Street. Apr 22, 2011 636
In Sutherland's footsteps; Ian Jacob's new exhibition at Picton Castle pays tribute to the enduring influence of Graham Sutherland and offers a fresh new vision of the Pembrokeshire landscape. Jenny White speaks to him about Pembrokeshire's magical allure for artists. Apr 1, 2011 859
Centenary celebration of Kardomah Boy's legacy; He was a close friend of Dylan Thomas and went on to build his own successful career as an artist. Now, 12 years after his death, a major exhibition is celebrating the legacy of Alfred Janes. Mar 19, 2011 778
Cooking up nostalgia; Two young figurative artists who each have a nostalgic element to their work are brought together for a new exhibition. Warren Williams and Paul Rees tell Jenny White about their influences. Mar 18, 2011 937
Holden artist sees `a real catastrophe'; Normal routines in Japan elusive as painter prepares for his exhibit. Mar 14, 2011 418
A change in direction; Kathryn le Grice is the latest artist to be taken on by Cardiff's Albany Gallery. She tells Jenny White how it feels to be exhibiting alongside some of the gallery's leading artists, including the late Josef Herman. Mar 11, 2011 821
From youthful exuberance to poignant old age, portraits open a window into the human soul; As the world's most celebrated portrait exhibition arrives in Wales, Julie Richards considers the different inspirations the artists draw on. Feb 21, 2011 812
Lifting the veil: symposium, controversial exhibit explore gay identity in art. O'Donovan, Leo J. Feb 18, 2011 1526
Remembering Herman; A century after his birth in Poland, Josef Herman is beingremembered in a major exhibition inhis adopted homeland. Karen Pricereports on an artist inspired by the work of Welsh miners. Feb 4, 2011 501
Laing hosts homecoming of a Martin masterpiece; ONE of John Martin's most impressive paintings is coming home for a major exhibition, as DAVID WHETSTONE reports. Jan 15, 2011 860
Sutherland's enduring love affair; A new exhibition in Milford Haven brings the work of one of Britain's greatest painters back to the town that was his "third home". Jenny White describes how Wales unlocked Graham Sutherland's genius as a painter. Oct 1, 2010 796
Home is where art is; Exhibition is first in Great British Debate. Sep 18, 2010 479
Impressions of an impressionist. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 111
Aurora exhibit a homecoming for artist. Aug 26, 2010 848
"Sounds of the heart" Exhibition. Aug 9, 2010 303
Satin seas, breaking waves soothe in Sargent exhibit. Jul 19, 2010 577
The white stuff; For his latest exhibition, painter Andrew Douglas-Forbes has struck out in a new direction, creating a walk-in installation piece of ghostly and dream-like beauty, as Jenny White discovers. Jul 9, 2010 681
Bronzino: master draughtsman: the recent exhibition of drawings by Agnolo Bronzino at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, has yielded important conclusions about the artist's techniques and the process by which attributions are made. Bambach, Carmen C.; Goldner, George R. Jul 1, 2010 3558
A town full of painters and pigeons; As a major exhibition of his work gets underway at Tate Liverpool, Laura Davis hunts out Picasso's Malaga. Jun 1, 2010 492
Artist in love with landscape; Gallery/Exhibitions/Music. May 14, 2010 579
New wave of interpretations of our coastline go on show; The Welsh coastline is celebrated by a group of artists in a new exhibition, while another one-man show takes a look at contemporary Welsh landscape. Karen Price finds out what viewers can expect. Apr 24, 2010 752
Tunisia plays host to travelling exhibition on "Indian Modern Figurative Art". Apr 11, 2010 83
A modern dialogue: the artistic relationship between Klee and Picasso was one of influence and rejection, as an exhibition at the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, reveals. As its curator, Christine Hopfengart, argues, re-examining Klee's work in this context provides fresh insights to Klee's oeuvre. Hopfengart, Christine Apr 1, 2010 2836
On view at the California Historical Society's exhibition, think California. Mar 22, 2010 410
AAP annual exhibition from March 6 to flaunt more than 300 art works. Mar 3, 2010 186
The enigmas of Arshile Gorky: David Anfam applauds a compelling reappraisal of Gorky's art that defies the biographical cliches surrounding the painter and his tragic death. Anfam, David Mar 1, 2010 1132
By George ...: an anniversary exhibition in Giorgione's home town throws fresh light on a mysterious artist. Hopkins, Andrew Mar 1, 2010 931
Shepley equine artist gears up for exhibition launch; Art exhibition. Feb 26, 2010 330
Blue skies and stormy seas in a celebration of nature on canvas; The forces of nature collide during a new exhibition in which four artists respond to everything from sunny days in the south of France to walks along the storm-swept coasts of Wales and Cornwall. Jenny White meets the artists. Feb 6, 2010 820
Strokes of genius; A new exhibition highlights some of the best paintings in Britain. Karen Price meets the artists behind the work. Feb 6, 2010 754
Reynolds in his fiefdom: Hugh Belsey visits an exhibition in Plymouth that charts the career of its greatest artistic export, Sir Joshua Reynolds. Belsey, Hugh Feb 1, 2010 810
Painting exhibition held in Delhi to mark 26/11 anniversary. Nov 27, 2009 244
A work in progress; The changing face of Birmingham fascinates Terry Grimley as he views a new exhibition. Nov 3, 2009 1087
Dan Christensen: KEMPER MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. MacMillan, Kyle Nov 1, 2009 592
Paintings invite you to immerse yourself in their world; David Tress' new exhibition pits the clamour of the city against the sublime beauty of nature. He tells Jenny White about his ongoing love of these contrasting themes. Oct 17, 2009 815
Pictures in the paintings; A major retrospective exhibition by artist Ken Elias spans his career from the 1960s to the present. Here co-curator Ceri Thomas looks at the five sections of the show. Oct 2, 2009 891
onshow exhibitions. Sep 11, 2009 1511
Master of his craft; John Fairley assesses the National Horseracing Museum's exhibition of the work of Lowes Dalbiac Luard. Aug 30, 2009 867
onshow exhibitions. Aug 28, 2009 1610
onshow exhibitions. Aug 21, 2009 1585
Strong colour makes a statement; The Sixties Summer exhibition in Leamington Spa gives Terry Grimley an insight into the era's art. Aug 18, 2009 822
Established and up-and-coming artists meet in new exhibit. Jul 13, 2009 737
onshow exhibitions. Jun 12, 2009 1443
onshow exhibitions. Jun 5, 2009 1470
onshow exhibitions. May 29, 2009 1538
Tate is awash with colour; New exhibition opens. May 28, 2009 274

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