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Exhibition design for the special exhibition "anthropocene. nature and technology in people age" at the deutsches museum.

Contract notice: Exhibition design for the special exhibition "anthropocene. nature and technology in people age" at the deutsches museum.

The German Museum, founded in 1903 with approximately 73,000 m2 of exhibition space, the largest science and technology museum in the world. With around 1.3 million domestic and international visitors, it is the most visited museum in Germany. As a scientific institution of national importance, it houses a collection of over 107,000 objects in over 50 disciplines. The permanent exhibition will present a wide range of topics in history,

Present and future. In its exhibitions, the German Museum deals with current issues at the interface of science, technology and society, and provides a forum for debate on current developments and their consequences, and potential risks.

The special exhibition "Anthropocene. Nature and technology in people age "(working title) is scheduled for October 2014 (until July 2015). It deals with the "Anthropocene" as currently discussed scientific hypothesis and a new perception of the context of the human role on the planet Earth. The term was coined by Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul J. Crutzen, who in 2000 described the idea of ??a new earth Poche that follows the Holocene and is characterized by deep human intervention in nature. The human-initiated changes are reflected consequently reflected in geological form and are listed on the timescale of the Earth. The special takes this scientific debate starting point on the basis of their diverse influences of man on his environment to present and discuss its role in the Earth~s history. With the special exhibition, the German Museum takes as first museum institution on this highly topical issue and translates it into a three-dimensional world of experience.

Aim of the exhibition, 1) to inform the visitors about the Anthropocene as a scientific hypothesis and new perspective on the role of humans on Earth, 2) to increase awareness of time scales and global dimensions of human action, 3) the to illuminate ambivalent role of technology and 4 to open) a horizon of personal responsibility, participation and participation in designing the Anthropocene.

The special exhibition is aimed at the general public of the Deutsches Museum, ie both families and other groups (high school classes) and adult individuals (from about 14 years).

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Date:Jan 16, 2013
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