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Exercise & physical activity: your everyday guide from the National Institute on Aging.

Recognizing that scientists have learned much about the benefits of exercise for older adults and the motivations for people to remain active since the original release of this book in 1998, the National Institute on Aging has updated this guide. This book helps one prepare for starting an exercise routine by talking about the benefits of physical activity and goal setting, with tips for "sticking with it."

Sample exercises include those which are designed to increase strength, improve balance, help one become more flexible and increase endurance--all with easy directions to help do them safely. There is a nutrition chapter which discusses healthy eating habits, and the book also includes worksheets to track progress, and answers common questions about physical activity for older adults. Additional information, including resources for people with specific health problems or disabilities who want to be active, is included.

This book can be easily adapted as the basis of an adult exercise group program. Add a devotional and prayer time and you have a wholistic program to offer your congregation.

More information on the NIA program can be found at: HealthInformation/ Publications/ExerciseGuide

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