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Executives Trained For Development Endeavors.

Al-Khobar, April 8 -- Well-known scholar from the University of Westminster in the UK, Professor Abdel-ilah Bennis addressed senior executives in a workshop organized by Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU). Themed on the role of executives in leading development endeavors to accept new challenges; this workshop focused on the key growth perspectives.

Professor Bennis met Eastern Province Governor, HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz at the Governorate in Dammam prior to starting the workshop. PMU Vice Rector for Business Affairs and Development, Dr. Adel Al-Saleh accompanied him in this visit.

The workshop was organized in line with the policy of the University in providing community service and continuing education. Professor Bennis described the role of strategic planning and its value to help executives perform their roles. It guarantees constant growth of organizations. He explained SWOT Analysis and many other aspects and other aspects of strategic planning.

The workshop focused on the key challenges in the present fierce competition between businesses. Growing international relations and interdependences have brought additional challenges. It requires best plans to deal with the various conditions to find solutions for changes in professional initiatives.

Importance of strategic planning and necessary steps to overcome the challenges were the issues explained. "Achieving goals won't be possible without strategic planning," said Professor Bennis.

Workshop participants learned about leadership & management skills for development. They learned that they must face challenges to enhance leadership skills.

Teamwork and hierarchical structures got explained in practical context. Executives were advised to use new strategies for professionalism with thorough understanding of the personality & leadership styles.

Effective communication, conflict resolution, personal & organizational change and innovative management techniques were the focal areas of this workshop.

Professor Bennis is Vice-President and Director, Research and Training in London's Global Diplomatic Forum.

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
Date:Apr 8, 2012
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