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Pleasant aroma can be a key indicator of the quality of banana products. Researchers studied how the aromatic profile of banana is affected when fresh ripe banana is processed into puree, clear juice, microcapsulated banana powder and reconstituted juice.

In experiments, solid-phase micro-extraction extraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry showed that puree, clear juice and reconstituted juice possessed similar aromatic profiles, with esters as the crucial components that contributed the most to the characteristic aroma. Components of secondary importance to aroma included the carbonyl fractions, followed by alcohols, hydrocarbons and elemicin.

Only four compounds remained on the surface of the microcapsulated banana powder. The aroma profile of the banana puree, clear banana juice and the reconstituted banana juice were not significantly different. Esters were the decisive components of aroma, and isoamyl butyrate was the major constituent of the esters. The compounds responsible for the characteristic aroma were not significantly detected from the microcapsulated banana powder, indicating that the main volatile components can be effectively encapsulated by microcapsulation.

Contact: Huihua Huang, Department of Food Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Wushan Road 381, Guangzhou 510641, China. Phone: 20-87114470. Fax: 20-87110206. Email:
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Publication:Emerging Food R&D Report
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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