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Executive education: the new school.

Executive education is big business. Companies spend millions of dollars a year to make sure their executives have the right skills to meet every business challenge. Most business schools--Harvard, Columbia and Howard universities among them--offer courses, workshops and seminars that attract thousands of executives each year. There are private executive education providers, as well. "There's a tremendous amount of change in the business world and chief executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure to adapt to change in the organization," says Ethan Hanabury, Associate Dean of Executive Education at Columbia University. Education can help executives deal with those changes. But in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks executive education budgets were tightened. Just over three years later, executive education is bouncing back as the economy recovers and companies start to post profits again. However, the post 9/11 business world has resulted in different business challenges and with them new trends for executive education.

Among them:

* Companies want custom-designed programs. With budgets stretched tight, companies want to get the most out of their executive education dollars. Hearing about other companies' problems or hypothetical situations in case studies just doesn't cut it. So, more and more, companies are partnering with executive education providers to tailor programs specifically to their own business needs. Custom programs, which can run as high as $400,000 per program, are currently more popular than open-enrollment programs, which group together executives from various companies, industries and countries. Still, open enrollment programs are staging a comeback from their lows after 9/11, particularly if they have adapted to changes on the business landscape. Columbia's month-long senior open enrollment executive education program costs $36,000 per executive. Similar programs cost the same.

* Custom programs are becoming more specific. At Duke Corporate Education, director of marketing Gordon Armstrong is noticing companies becoming more specific with what they want from executive education. "Increasingly, our education is more focused on a problem," he says. Before, companies might want to do a general leadership development program. Now, they want to focus on a functional area like marketing, finance or operations. In addition, companies are tailoring executive education to real issues they are grappling with. Banks, for example, had grown bigger over the years by making acquisitions. Now they must grow organically, Armstrong notes, and had to seek the specific steps toward their goal. "That's a more specific question than, say, 'we need good leadership,'" Armstrong says, "It's more what are the specific things we need to do to grow organically. Then you can tailor an education program that addresses those specific needs. You're still developing the talent of the people in the organization, but it's focused on the business problem."

* Corporate Governance is a hot topic. After scandals involving high-level executives and conflicts of interest among Wall Street research analysts, it's no wonder that corporate governance and ethics courses are popular. In addition, the new Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires tighter accounting and corporate standards, and executives have to learn how to navigate the new terrain. "The level of interest [in corporate governance programs] was not as great prior to the scandals that have occurred," Hanabury notes. Harvard and Columbia now offer corporate governance programs. Typical classes include Columbia's "Accounting Essentials for Corporate Directors: Enhancing Financial Integrity."

* Executive education and EMBA programs are blending face time with Web time. Many executives can't spare much time away from work. The average executive MBA student is 37 years old with 15 years of work experience, 10 of those years in management, says Maury Kalnitz, Executive Director of the Executive NBA Council, a trade group. Host executive MBA programs realize students won't quit their jobs to pursue a degree that can cost up to $45,000. So many are changing the way they deliver knowledge to their students. For instance, students may come in for 10 days at one shot for intensive classes and the rest of the semester take classes over the Internet and participate in e-mail study groups. Technology is also changing the way other information is shared. Meldron Young, Human Resources Practice Consultant at the American Nanagement Association, notes that "Webnars" are replacing some seminars. With Webnars, you get a password, log in and see a live presentation on a particular topic. "People are starting to figure out the different ways they can use the Web," Young says. "If you're looking for a quick education hit, it's wonderful."


Pursue your next degree at Morgan State University. Whether you are seeking to advance your professional career or whether you are simply passionate about higher education, you will find among the twelve doctoral programs and more than twenty-six unique master's Programs offered in the School of Graduate Studies, a course of study that meets your needs. For example, you can earn a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Bioenvironmental Sciences Business Administration. English, Higher Education, and History and Social Work. Perhaps our Doctorates in Education (Ed.D) in Community College Leadership, Urban Educational Leadership. Mathematics Education, and Science Education are most helpful in advancing your career. You may also pursue doctorates In Engineering (D.Eng) or in Public Health (Dr.PH).

You may pursue your interests in African-American Studies Architecture, Business Administration (MBA). Bioinformatics, City and Regional Planning, Music. Social Work. Telecommunications Management, and Transportation in exciting programs leading to the master's degree. Visit for information about these and numerous other graduate degree programs offered at Morgan State University. You may also telephone me School of Graduate Studies at (443) 885-3185 for answers to questions concerning me application process, admissions criteria, tuition and fees, and financial aid. Among the amenities available to support graduate studies at Morgan State University are: reserved housing for graduate students in a new gated community, new library facilities, new student union, and new research facilities. The primary reason to pursue graduate study at Morgan State University is the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated and accomplished faculty committed to your success. Morgan State University is an important part of the higher education system in Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, and the nation. Throughout its history, Morgan has served the community, with distinction while meeting the educational needs of a diverse society. Morgan is your gateway to opportunity and your stairway to excellence


Sodexho USA is committed to the training and life-long learning of all our employees. "Developing our people is a strategic imperative for Sodexho," states CEO Michel Landel. Employees can participate in multiple learning environments including classroom, online and self-study programs. These classes are not only designed to teach the skills needed to deliver outstanding value and service for our clients and customers, they also encourage personal and professional success.

New employees attend an innovative three-day class called "Beginning Your Career" at Sodexho where they are introduced to Sodexho's culture and philosophies through eight workbooks from the "First 90 Days" kit. Attendees then participate in a structured activity that helps them balance all of these responsibilities and create a strategic plan specifically for their business.

"We're always delighted to hear rave reviews at the conclusion of a Sodexho University course. But the proof comes in many ways. How de our people put what they've learned into use in 'the real world'?" says Fran Szabo, senior director and provost of Sodexho University. The answer "is quite well." That's because a key element of Sodexho University's philosophy is learning how to learn; specifically how to learn from mistakes and try new solutions one week, two months, even two years after experiencing a course.

Sodexho University supports 50 online courses that focus on communication, team building and leadership skills. The University has partnerships with various organizations to assist with this development; the Corporate Athlete, Strayer University and the University of Chicago to name a few. For the divisional training opportunities, experts from each business line contribute to the learning tools.

With the accelerating pace of change, Sodexho USA believes that education is an essential ingredient for our individual and collective success, and we are glad that our employees seek out and participate in opportunities to enhance their career by attending Sodexho University.

Visit to learn more.


A leader in experiential learning and innovative education for the past four decades, Metropolitan College of New York offers students distinctive graduate programs to advance their careers in as little as one year.

Metropolitan College of New York is ranked 84 in the nation among institutions of higher education that have granted master's degrees to the greatest number of African Americans. Success stories abound when students apply their graduate studies to transform their careers while working full time.

The College recently inaugurated the Master of Public Administration program in Emergency and Disaster Management, the first such program of its kind to be offered in New York State. Through this new graduate-level program, professionals working in the field will learn the critical thinking and decision-making skills necessary to support and supervise comprehensive, integrated and effective management in the event of natural, system-wide, and human-induced crises. MCNY is playing an important role in identifying current and historical research in these fields and promoting innovative research by student practitioners.

The M.B.A. in Media Management provides media savvy professionals with an over view of the media business and management skills to plan, produce and promote a new media venture. Expertise in fields such as media economics and finance, multimedia design, accounting for communication arts industries, entertainment law and international business are essential to success in the media management field.

An MBA in general management provides broad preparation in accounting, finance, and marketing for those who would like to pursue managerial careers. For the past two decades MCNY's School for Business has been growing steadily in enrollment and reputation as an innovative center of business education for students who are preparing to meet the rapidly changing demands of the global economy. The MCNY School for Business is preparing the corporate and entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

For information on Metropolitan College of New York's graduate programs, call 1-800-33-THINK, ext 5001; or visit
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