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Executive directions.

As the old expression goes, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." To move forward successfully, ACTE must have a vision of where it wants to go. It must define who it is, whom it serves and what its destination is. While this is easy to say and write, the process of creating a vision and a roadmap for achieving that vision takes time, hard work and much discussion.

In December 2001, the ACTE Board of Directors embarked on a strategic planning process that would create a roadmap that will enable them to enhance their influential leadership position in the career and technical education profession and to efficiently and effectively serve its members. With the assistance of an expert facilitator, the Board employed a comprehensive process that included member focus groups, member surveys and several Board retreats.

The result of this yearlong effort is a Strategic Plan that will guide the association into the future. The plan will be tied directly into the annual budget and program of work and will be reviewed regularly by the Board. The plan will serve as an umbrella for the ACTE Regions and Divisions of ACTE and bring the entire profession together so that our resources are efficiently utilized.

The ACTE Strategic Plan is a living document. Just as the world around us does not stand still, so too must this plan evolve as challenges and opportunities are placed before the association and the CTE profession. The value of the Strategic Plan is that it provides the framework for the ACTE leadership to anticipate and respond to events, trends and new ideas.

The ACTE Strategic Plan is a three-year plan that will be annually reassessed, updated and fine-tuned. The plan is the roadmap to our future. The ACTE Strategic Plan presented on this page is a top-level outline of the complete plan. For each of the seven Strategic Goals listed on this page, the plan specifies broad objectives and numerous specific strategies to achieve the goals. The complete ACTE Strategic Plan is available on the ACTE Web site.

I urge all ACTE members to become familiar with the plan, and I encourage you to contact the ACTE Board or me with your comments and suggestions as we move forward toward our destination.

ACTE Strategic Plan

Core Purpose (the association's reason for being)

* To provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared and competitive workforce

Core Values (set of timeless guiding principles)

* Advocacy: ACTE believes that the field of career and technical education needs a strong voice at the local, state and national levels toy support its importance to learners and to promote public awareness of that value in a competitive economy.

* Diversity: ACTE seeks and values diversity among its members and the students its members serve.

* Lifelong Learning: ACTE embraces the concept of lifelong learning and recognizes its importance to remaining competitive in a constantly changing environment.

* Collaboration: ACTE understands that it cannot accomplish its purpose without the strong support and partnership of other individuals and groups who share its vision.

* Accountability: ACTE supports the concept of accountability and encourages members and their organizations to develop the means to demonstrate their active contributions to the nation's learners.

* Service: ACTE encourages the individual commitment of its members to the organization and the profession of career and technical education.

Strategic Goals (timeless, unbounded statements describing the conditions or attributes to be attained)

Goal 1: Advocacy

ACTE is recognized in the public policy arena as the voice of career and technical education.

Goal 2: Professional Competency

ACTE members have the knowledge and skills they need to be effective and successful.

Goal 3: Strategic Alliances

ACTE fosters strategic alliances that enhance career and technical education.

Goal 4: Recognition of CTE

The public understands the contributions of career and technical education to helping learners fulfill their working potential.

Goal 5: Organizational Effectiveness

ACTE is an effectively governed, diversely funded, efficiently managed organization that focuses its resources to address the evolving needs of its members.

Goal 6: Information Resource

ACTE will have the necessary information and knowledge about its members, and their fields to anticipate and respond in a constantly changing environment.

Goal 7: Leadership Development

ACTE will develop within its membership a broad-based pool of prepared leaders committed to strengthening both the organization and its goals.
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