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Executive council members and officers update.

The beginning of January marked the end of office for three Executive Council members and the start for others. WHA sincerely thanks Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Alan Karras, and Paul Jentz for their dedicated service over the last three years as Executive Council members. We appreciate their time and opinions to direct the affairs of the WHA as it changes to new realities.

Merry continues to serve on the WHA Bentley Book Prize Committee, and Paul continues to serve in his role as WHA Conference Committee Chair. Thank you to Merry, Alan, and Paul for your service to the WHA!

WHA was truly fortunate to have so many great people willing to stand in the elections in the Fall of 2013 for new three-year term members of the Executive Council to replace those whoseterms had ended. Grace Chee, Bram Hubble, and Michele Louro were elected to three year terms, while Denis Gainty was elected to serve out the remainder of Maryanne Rhett's term, who was elected as Secretary for the next two years. We sincerely thank Kerry Ward, who so well served the WHA as Secretary these last four years.

Our incomparable Carolyn Neel was reelected Treasurer, and Rick Warner was elected to Vice-President/President Elect. Finally, Marc Jason Gilbert's term as President came to a close after two very busy years filled with WHA matters. The entire WHA community owes a special thanks to Marc for his dedication to the association and the enormous amount of time and effort he put forth these last two years. The Office of President is now in the very good hands of Craig Benjamin from Grand Valley State University, who will lead a devoted group of volunteer members and the WHA into the next two years.

All of the good people above represent the best that the WHA members are, and are the heart of a vibrant, volunteer-led community. For all those who have served or will serve on the EC, its publications, conferences, and the WHA Committees, the WHA membership thanks you!

--Winston Welch

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Title Annotation:Conference Reports
Author:Welch, Winston
Publication:World History Bulletin
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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