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Execution Without Excuses.

Execution Without Excuses

T. Stewart and L. O'Brien. 2004. Harvard business review 83 (3): 102-111.

"The interview with Dell computer company's founder and CEO, Michael Dell and Kevin Rollins, discusses how the company maintains its competitive advantage. The Dell business model is well-known and key to the company's success; however, other companies have not been able to copy it because they do not focus on a broad-based strategy for asset reduction, inventory reduction, speed, and time consolidation. The Dell 'no-excuses' culture is a high-performance culture which does not tolerate a general manager who starts losing money. Dell and Rollins consider their joint leadership and decision-making styles complementary. Both executives are proud of the supply chain management model they have created."

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Title Annotation:MANAGEMENT
Author:Slusher, Tabitha
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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