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Excuse is pants, honest.


CARDIFF Blues back Jason Tovey couldn't make the trip to Toulon with the rest of the squad on this Heineken Cup weekend because his dog chewed up his passport.

It sounds like the kind of excuse trotted out by a Year 10 schoolboy. Indeed, the euphonium player in our school orchestra once claimed he couldn't bring his music to rehearsal because his cat had been sick on it.

The teacher thought he was covering up mere forgetfulness with this classic ruse but the following day he produced a copy of Handel's March from Scipio completely obscured by regurgitated Whiskas.

Never doubt the canine capacity for vandalism either.

When I lodged in a house in Troedyrhiw as a young Merthyr Express reporter, the landlady's Alsatian cross Tess managed to consume every pair of pants I owned. No drying pair of knickers was safe on any radiator. This four-legged Hannibal Lecter of lingerie would leave just the M&S labels intact as her criminal calling card. Tovey's eight-month-old Labrador sounds as if he's in a similar mould.

But couldn't this doggy disaster have had a happy ending if the Passport Office fancied a PR coup and fast-tracked the full-back/fly-half's travel documents? Then again, that might be a barking idea for a Dragon turned Cardiff Blue. The Passport Office is in Newport after all.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 12, 2013
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