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Exciting News?

Meanwhile, At Home hopes for a turnaround. A $100 million loan from a capital management company seemed promising, but if the stock is delisted, At Home must give back the loan and could find itself in bankruptcy.

Another hope: Newspaper reports say Arkansas native and former White House Chief-of Staff Mack McLarty has expressed interest in investing in At Home.

While no formal offer has been made, The Wall Street Journal has said that McLarty and Ranch C. Kimball, an adviser to McLarty's consulting firm, Kissinger McLarty Associates, have notified Excite At Home of their interest in gaining a minority or majority stake.

At Home hasn't commented.
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Title Annotation:Excite's At Home Inc. could escape bankruptcy
Comment:Exciting News?(Excite's At Home Inc. could escape bankruptcy)
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Sep 10, 2001
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