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Excitement as magnificent iron beast came into sight.

I WAS so much in tune with Tony Levy (Talkback, June 10) regarding his love affair with steam trains. I am only a little younger than Tony and being a fellow child of the Fifties can't help but look back with happy memories of the days I waited with eager anticipation for the train to thunder in at New Street or Snow Hill and being taken to another world of seaside holidays and all the joys that came with it.

Pure nostalgia I know, but the world seemed a bigger and more innocent place in those days.

Unlike Tony, who is on a mission to convert his better half, my wife Mrs B seems to derive almost the same pleasure as myself when we visit and ride the steam trains. She assures me she enjoys them too.

Reading Tony's letter of attempting to win over Mrs L reminded me of when, as a young father I took my five-year-old to the Severn Valley Railway for his first sight of a steam train. Waiting on the platform of Arley Station I watched him closely to see if his reaction was to be the same as me all those years ago to the train's imminent arrival.

Suddenly the "poop poop" of the train whistle echoed on to the station and eyes widened in wonder! "Poop poop" came the shout back!

Then the distant noise of the "chuff chuff chuff" caused an instant reaction of excited jumping up and down and the squeal of "it's coming, it's coming"! Then the magnificent iron beast came into Suddenly the "poop poop" of the train whistle echoed on to the station and eyes widened in wonder! "Poop poop" came the shout back!

Les Barlow sight. More jumping about and the shout of "it's the train, it's the train! Let's get on it"!

As it pulled into the station the excitement was getting too much and calm words needed to be said.

"Don't get so excited. Stop jumping about making train noises and calm down a bit Daddy! It's only a train!" my five-year-old said to me! Les Barlow, Erdington.

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Date:Jun 17, 2017
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