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Excitement and fun are good for our health...

Byline: Dr Anya Heywood

APPARENTLY Radio 1 are having a Big Weekend in Middlesbrough. (Just in case you hadn't heard). I think this is an amazing scoop for Teesside and can only imagine what a lot of work and promotion has already gone on behind the scenes.

A huge well done to all involved.

Now, what with my youthful good looks and all, it may surprise you to learn that my Radio 1 days are behind me. But of course, having three teenagers, this is the default radio station my car gets tuned to anytime they get into it. So of course, they want to be part of something cool and massive in our very own Stewarts Park.

When the tickets for the Big Weekend went on sale last Thursday, tensions ran very high in our household, as of course all 64,000 tickets sold out in an hour and a half.

It's about of fun, and but feel Weekend that And I was trying to cook tea and get to a practice meeting at the same time. Still, we got two tickets, which is better than none.

Two tickets, three kids. I think we are not alone in getting fewer tickets for a family day out than we'd hoped for.

I'm not going to worry about that now but will work on my diplomatic skills for negotiations that are likely to be more prolonged and involved than Brexit.

having a load I can't help the Big will serve up by the bucketful.

Celebrations of life, whether big like the Big Weekend, or small like a family birthday party, are good for us. We need to mark occasions, do something out of the ordinary, treat ourselves to something exciting now and then.

It's good for our mental and emotional health to have something to look forward to and to push ourselves outside the home comforts of day-to-day routine and familiar faces.

Mixing with a different gang, reconnecting with old friends, trying something new, doing something just for a laugh, these things all give us a natural lift and builds memories for the future.

To be sure, it can take a great deal of organisation and involve some stress along the way, but the end result is nearly always worth it. It's about having a load of fun, and I can't help but feel the Big Weekend will serve that up by the bucketful.

Park. for that now but my for It's about having a load of fun, and I can't help but feel the Big Weekend will serve that up by the bucketful.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Mar 18, 2019
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