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Exchanges focus on entrepreneurship.


Embassy Bangui's public affairs section developed a comprehensive entrepreneurship program in support of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2015 by featuring young American entrepreneur Stacey Ferreira.

Ferreira, age 23 and working on her third business, is best known for MySocialCloud, her first endeavor, which she started at age 18 with backing from famed English businessman Richard Branson. At post, Ferreira brainstormed with Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program alumni on coalition building, developing communities of interest and inspiring grassroots change. The results were the alumni members' formation of an alumni association and a commitment to Central African youths.

Ferreira also addressed the Girls Vocational School of Bangui in the first-ever visit by an American speaker to the campus. There she challenged the idea that young entrepreneurs must wait for investments before starting a business. Later, she discussed entrepreneurship with alumni of the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) and facilitated a meeting between IVLP alumni and students from the local Institute of Public Management, where she encouraged creation of a formal mentorship program. After the latter meeting, several IVLP alumni pulled aside students to exchange contact information and set up follow-on meetings. Ferreira also met with the embassy's English Club to discuss business plans and development, and the common challenges of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Embassy Bangui plans to host additional speaker programs during the spring of 2016.

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Date:Mar 1, 2016
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