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Excellent news for sufferers.

FAZAKERLEY Hospital is bidding to become a global centre of excellence for arthritis treatment.

Professor Robert Moots, 42,newly appointed professor of rheumatology at the University of Liverpool, today revealed his plan for the development of the hospital's specialist treatment unit.

Merseyside was until 1997 the only region not to have a dedicated rheumatology research unit.

But Prof Moots today insisted the hospital's partnership with the university could lead to the development of the ``best and newest'' arthritis treatments.

And he claimed new side-effect free drugs could soon be in the pipeline.

Prof Moots, who is also consultant rheumatologist at Fazakerley hospital, said: ``Now Merseyside patients can be the first in the world to receive the best and newest treatment for arthritis.

``New antibodies are being developed to suppress the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and the unit is developing a new way of treating arthritis.''
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 2, 2004
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