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Excellent example of the EU's ills.

IT was no surprise to see Lord Jonathan Hill toeing the party line of Armageddon if Britain leaves the European Union (Western Mail, May 30).

Lord Hill is an excellent example of everything that is wrong with the EU. As one of 28 members of the European Commission he shares responsibility for proposing and enforcing EU law and setting the EU's priorities and objectives. The Commission is effectively a cabinet government, yet none of them were elected. In fact, Lord Hill has never been elected to any office in the UK or the EU.

He is now a member of the most powerful body in the EU and he has never had to undergo the inconvenience and indignity of asking the electorate if we want him to represent us. And there's no way we can get rid of him.

This epitomises the lack of democracy in the EU and perfectly illustrates why many on both the left and right want to leave. I cannot understand why anyone would wish for unelected EU bureaucrats to have the ability to overrule elected British parliaments and assemblies. As for the economic argument made by Lord Hill and others, it relies entirely on trying to frighten voters by predicting disaster if we leave.

People should ignore the prophets of doom and look at what is actually happening in Europe. No other inhabited continent has a lower rate of economic growth, there is rampant unemployment in the poorer countries - while Germany thrives.

Much of this is because of the determination of the EU Commission to make the euro work in its relentless drive to create a European super state.

The EU experiment will at some point fail and I don't want the UK to be part of it when it does.

People should look at the facts, decide whether they value democracy and make up their own minds on June 23, rather than listen to a privileged, unelected, unaccountable Eurocrat shouting out of the window of the gravy train telling the hoi polloi how to vote.

Thomas Roberts.

Rhiwbina, Cardiff

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 1, 2016
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