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Excellent Exploration Results on AntOro's Resources Inc.'s Properties in Colombia, South America.

BOUCHERVILLE, QUEBEC--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1996--ANTORO RES. (ME: ORE.) PROCOLORO INC. (ME: PCH.) AntOro Resources Inc. and Procoloro Resources Inc., are pleased to announce results from their exploration activities on the MONA group of properties located in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia, South America.

High grade boulders form the Mafafal stream:

The stream is located 1.5 km northwest of the Mona mine. These angular boulders were found close to one another in the stream and each weighed between 10 to 20 kg. The following results were obtained: -0-
 Sample number Assay results
 ______________ _____________

 LC-96-20-A 517,77 g/T Au(1) 138,20 g/T Ag
 LC-96-20-B 155,08 g/T Au 0,80 g/T Ag
 LC-96-20-C 1,83 g/T Au 39,00 g/T Ag

 (1) Average grade of three separate splits.

The high values encountered are typical of locally enriched pockets found in vein structures in this general area. The significance of the discovery lies not so much in the high values obtained but in the angularity of the boulders and the fact they were found close to one another. These facts lead us to believe that the vein from which they came is close to the location where they were found. Upon resuming exploration work on the property, the team's first activities will be to survey and prospect the entire length of the mafafal stream. In addition to these boulders, numerous gold grains of 5mm were obtained by panning the alluvions where the boulders were located.

These samples and the nature of the placer found in the stream have given AntOro and Procoloro a new area to explore where another gold bearing vein-system exists. This system has been confirmed by the RADARSAT image interpretation and analysis report from MIR Teledetection inc.

According to AntOro's chief geologist, Louis Caron, phase II of the Pionjar geochemistry exploration program will concentrate on the immediate area surrounding the Mafafal stream. The stream seems to follow an important anomaly which intersects the MONA mine mineralized structure and extends to the Northwest. The partners will also evaluate and test the Mafafal stream alluvial deposits to find and quantify any free gold.

Geo-chemistry soil sampling program:

AntOro has received the Neutron Activation analysis results for the last 600 geochemistry soil samples taken during phase I of the exploration program. Using a "Pionjar" drill AntOro obtained a number of samples which had grades between 0.097 g/T Au to 0.860 g/T Au. These grades confirm the presence of the MONA vein structure as well as their extension 150 m north-east.

The sampling holes had an average depth of 3m in the overburden and saprolitic material. The sampling grid was set with 100 m intervals between lines and at 20 m intervals between holes. The results obtained confirm the effectiveness of the sampling method and lead AntOro to use it for the entire group of properties.

Heavy mineral sampling:

The Mons stream was sampled for heavy minerals and the following results were obtained: -0-

 M-5001 79.90 g/T Au
 M-5002-A 10.78 g/T Au
 M-5002-B 6.82 g/T Au
 M-5003 7.01 g/T Au
 M-5004 12.91 g/T Au

"Playas Ricas" alluvial plain:

A portion of the Mona group of properties encompasses an alluvial plain called "Playas Ricas". Sixteen samples were taken and only the one along the perimeter had interesting values: -0-
 P-96-2910 14.670 g/T Au
 P-96-6-4 1.480 g/T Au
 P-96-6-6 0.796 g/T Au
 P-96-6-7 5.380 g/T Au
 P-96-7-5 0.129 g/T Au

These results confirm that a portion of the alluvial plain has been exploited but the perimeter could still hold economic alluvial reserves. More sampling is required to quantify these possible reserves.

RADARSAT image interpretation and analysis:

MIR Teledetection inc., of Longueuil, Quebec, has been retained to analyse and interpret RADARSAT images. The preliminary report obtained indicates the presence of three (3) major structures which intersect the properties. Two of these have the same orientation as the two vein structures at the Mona Mine. The third structure has the same orientation as the Mafafal stream where the three aforementionned boulders were taken.

The report has assisted the partners in dellenating precisely the perimeter of the Santa Isabel granodiorite intrusive. The continued analysis of the report will greatly influence the planning and execution of the Phase II and III geo-chemistry soil sampling and prospecting programs.

Proposed phase II and III exploration program:

Soil sampling grids will be maintained at 100 m line intervals and20 m hole intervals. The first sectors will be:

North-West, on Mona III, a 3 km by 2 km grid; North-East, on Mona II, 1.5 km by 1 km grid.

Work should resume around November 12th, 1996, and two teams should be sampling simultaneously. More than 7,600 samples should be taken during the upcoming phase.

AntOro Resources and Procoloro Resources Inc. are junior exploration companies listed on the Montreal Exchange. Antoro owns exploration properties in Quebec on which it is currently carrying out an extensive exploration program.

Corporate Info: AntOro "ORE" shares outstanding 7,660,729 Procoloro"PCH" 12,405,245

CONTACT: AntOro Resources Inc.

Francois C. Desrosiers, 514/449-0452, 514/449-1614 (FAX)


Procoloro Resources Inc.

Ghislain Morin, 819/874-6200, 819/874-6202 (FAX)
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Date:Nov 6, 1996
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