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Excellence in surgical products 2013 winners.

This year's Excellence In Surgical Products (ESP) Awards gave readers the difficult task of picking the winners from all of the great submissions received. From the entrants rose three Best of Show products, which include a data management solution, ultrasonic dissection device, and a hands-free transfer tray.

The Best of Show winners were given the opportunity to talk more in-depth about their products, primarily the catalyst behind the product's creation and how they help help in the operating room. Immediately following the Best of Show responses, the category winners and honor-able mention products are showcased.

FIRST PLACE, Best of Show, SDC3 All-In-One Data Management Solution, Stryker Endoscopy

Surgical Products: Can you provide a detailed description of the SDC3 and what it is designed to offer customers?

Stryker: The SDC3 captures and records HD images and videos during endoscopic procedures with advanced features, such as dual-capture capability, 1080p high definition recording, and a 1 TB internal archive. To improve workflow efficiency, the SDC3 allows more control than ever with the device control package. Surgeons and the sterile team can now control devices from the sterile field, and non-sterile team members can quickly control consoles from across the room. The SDC3 also acts as a solution for data connectivity after the surgical procedure by streamlining post-op media processes through integration with PACS, EMRs, or Studio3. Physicians can also easily save media to a USB, CD/DVD, hospital network, iPad, or Studio3.

SP: What are some of the SDC3's most notable features?

Stryker: * Device Control--The SDC3 allows both surgeons and staff to take control of devices in the OR to positively impact workflow and increase efficiency.

* Built-in WiFi--With built-in wireless capabilities, the SDC3 offers wireless communication and integration with hospital networks, Studio3, PACS, and EMR systems.

* Customizable Surgical Timeouts--Designed to improve patient safety and ensure staff engagement, the SDC3 offers a customizable surgical timeout checklist to be displayed on monitors, followed by an electronic copy of the surgical timeout saved to the patient's file.

* Customizable User Profiles--User profiles can be customized to meet the preferences of each surgeon. With the press of a single button, the device configures to the surgeon's needs, allowing the nurse more time to focus on the patient.

SP: How do these features help your customers control devices and manage data more effectively?

Stryker: The Device Control package gives customers more control over devices, drastically increasing efficiency and saving time in the OR. With Device Control, surgeons and members of the sterile field can quickly control devices all devices on and off the sterile field by using a wireless head-set or the 1488 camera head. Non-sterile team members also have more control with the ability to control consoles from across the room using the SDC3 touch screen, the SPI3 touch screen, or an infrared remote.

The SDC3 simplifies data management with customizable user profiles that configure saving preferences for each surgeon. Through built-in WiFi, patient information and media can be wirelessly transmitted to the surgeon's preferred network, including the hospital network, Studio3, PACs, and EMRs.

SP: Is the SDC3 compatible with consumer electronic devices?

Stryker: After downloading the free Stryker SDC3 app in the Apple App Store, the SDC3 can save images and video to the Apple iPad for the surgeon to edit, annotate, email, or review case footage.

SP: How does the SDC3 compare with similar products or other means of managing data?

Stryker: The SDC3 is a best-in-class information management system that offers technological advancements and efficiency improvements unlike any other digital capture device. The SDC3 focuses on safety and efficiency and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your surgeons, staff, and hospital networking systems. The advanced recording capabilities, customizable user profiles, surgical timeouts, device control, and iPad integration and built-in WiFi set this device apart from previous Stryker generations and from other capture devices in the medical market.

SECOND PLACE, Best of Show, Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Device, Covidien

SP: What are some of the key features of the Sonicision device that set it apart from similar devices?

Covidien: In addition to being the first and only cordless device of its kind, the Sonicision cordless ultrasonic dissection device was designed with three key features:

1. A patented dual mode energy button which allows surgeons to keep their eyes on the patient and endoscopic monitor

2. A linear active blade with tapered tip that offers faster dissection and less surgical plume than the leading (corded) competitor (1,2)

3. A handheld design where all user feedback is provided using only lights and tones on the instrument

SP: How does its unique design allow for more freedom of movement and better efficiency in the operating room?

Covidien: By offering clinicians a cordless design, the Sonicision device can be passed unencumbered between surgeon and nurses across the sterile field without dealing with cord logistics. In addition, the Sonicision jaws can be rotated infinitely with no cord obstruction before activating, which allows for easy and precise tissue placement. Lastly, Sonicision was designed to be assembled and ready for use within 15 seconds, which means nurses can focus on preparing other elements of the procedure.

SP: How does the device allow for faster dissection and improved visibility for surgeons?

Covidien: Sonicision was carefully designed with a linear active blade and tapered tip. In addition to being the only cordless device of its kind, the Sonicision jaw design offers faster dissection and less plume than the leading corded competitor. Faster dissection contributes to a more efficient procedure, while a plume reduction of up to 5x can lead to better visibility for the surgeon. (1,2)

SP: How does the instrument contribute to improved patient safety?

Covidien: Cords and cables are one of the three most common tripping hazards in the OR. Tripping in the OR has been tied to direct patient injury, contributing to surgical errors, and causing surgical delays. (3) By reducing up to three cords in the OR, Sonicision contributes to a safer OR experience.

1. When compared to the Harmonic ACE* on maximum power through 10cm of porcine mesentery. Results show a statistically significant (P < 0.0001) difference in mean dissection speed. Tsirline VB, Lau KN, Swan RZ, Montero PN, Sindram D, Martinie JB, Iannitti DA., Evaluation of an Innovative, Cordless Ultrasonic Dissector. Surg Innov, 2013.

2. Kim FJ, Sehrt D, Pompeo A, Molina WR., Comparison of surgical plume among laparoscopic ultrasonic dissectors using a real-time digital quantitative technology. Surg Endosc, 2012.

3. Brogmus G, Leone W, Butler L, Hernandez E [2007]. Best practices in OR suite layout and equipment choices to reduce slips, trips, and falls. AORN (Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses) J 86:384-98.

THIRD PLACE, Best of Show, Hands-Free Transfer Tray, Aspen Surgical

SP: Please explain how the Bard-Parker Hands-Free Transfer Tray allows for the safe and effective passing of sharps in the operating room?

Aspen Surgical: Use of the Bard-Parker transfer tray allows sharp instruments to be transferred from one person to the other using a "neutral zone" rather than passing hand-to-hand. In this way, operating room personnel can pick up sharp instruments from the tray when they are ready and aware, so as to avoid accidental cuts that could potentially happen if the receiving personnel are fully not prepared to accept the instrument.

The Bard-Parker transfer tray provides easy visibility to the instrument so that the person picking it up can clearly see any sharp ends. It is also designed to guide the hand to pick up the instrument from the middle rather than from the sharp end, shielding fingers.

In general, research performed on the use of neutral zone rather than hand-to-hand passing has shown effectiveness ranging from 35 percent to 59 percent in reducing sharps injuries in operations where blood loss is greater than 100mL.

SP: Is this product meant to be used with other sharps safety products and related practices?

Aspen Surgical: Use of a transfer tray or neutral zone is one aspect of compliance with the Federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, as well as compliance with other recommended practices put forth by organizations such as AORN. However, this is not the only way to protect staff, particularly given that use of the transfer tray only supports protection for passing of instruments. With this in mind, our tray was designed to be used in conjunction with other safety-engineered instruments (such as Bard-Parker Safety Scalpels). Use of both of these products together provides better protection for staff during the loading and unloading of blades, as well as passing of the instruments.

SP: What kind of material is the tray made from? Is it durable?

Aspen Surgical: The Bard-Parker transfer tray is made from a durable, yet lightweight, plastic to provide easy handling. It also includes many carrying points should the tray need to be moved for any reason.

SP: Can you explain how the design of the tray helps maximize patient and staff safety?

Aspen Surgical: Due to its ability to aid in the safe passing of sharps instruments, the Bard-Parker transfer tray helps to support a safe work environment for operating room personnel. With a safe work environment, the hope is that surgical staff is free of distraction and is able to focus solely on the patient and the procedure at hand.

Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology

Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology from Encompass Group, LLC can prewarm surgical patients and warm patients throughout the surgical journey, even in procedures lasting an hour or less. Thermoflect Heat Reflective Technology patient warming products offer a simple solution to hypothermia. The patient warming products are based on technology pioneered by NASA. They work by reflecting back the body's own heat to preserve core body temperature and prevent convective heat loss (wind chill). It is lightweight, durable, and comfortable for the patient.


GAMMEX Non-Latex Sensitive Surgical Glove

Ansell introduces the GAMMEX Non-Latex Sensitive surgical glove with SENSOPRENE formulation. GAMMEX Non-Latex Sensitive is a major innovation in non-latex, chemical accelerator-free glove technology. The SENSOPRENE formulation allows for superior sensitivity while maintaining glove strength, offering unprecedented comfort and tactility with advanced allergy protection (against both latex and chemical allergies) for healthcare workers and patients. GAMMEX design and manufacturing guarantee the desirable fit, donning properties and grip you expect and the soft cream color you want in a surgical glove.

Calzuro Footwear

Sterilize Calzuro with Steam Autoclave up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or machine wash with bleach. Comfort Insoles are the removable arch NOW steam autoclave up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit and has a shock absorber on the bottom side, which reduces fatigue and helps promote good posture. Calzuro are slip resistant with ergonomic design.

TELETOM Equipment Management System

The TELETOM Equipment Management System from Berchtold is a modular, custom-configurable boom that allows facilities to tailor its design to specific clinical environments. Clinicians make the determination for the placement of services and accessories, complementary equipment, length of arms, and positioning capabilities to optimize available space, and maximize both clinical efficiency and effectiveness. TELETOM provides the ability to adapt yet minimizes future costs due to its modular design and shared equipment mounting capability. All electric brakes provide for quiet operation, and reduce construction costs outside the OR.

Orthopedic Surgical Table

The new Steris OT 1000 Series Orthopedic Surgical Table marks a groundbreaking leap forward for perioperative departments. Its intelligent SWAN technology allows virtually effortless movement of the patient for anterior approach total hip arthroplasty (AATHA), fracture reduction, and many other orthopedic procedures. Slide, traction, and rotation of the boot are controlled with one hand, and fluid movement of the leg spar is managed by the other hand.

Replacement Table Pads

The Action Original Replacement Table Pads from Action Products are the best value in pressure reducing replacement table pads. The recently upgraded composite pad now has an infection control design with an attached Shear Smart surface of 3/8" Akton polymer. The pair creates a clinically proven pad, with waterfall construction, 100 percent no stitch construction, welded water/fluid proof seams and a 360-degree stretch surface.

LED Surgical Light

Nuvo introduces the Nuvo VistOR MS LED Surgical light. The VistOR MS LED light provides 120,000 lux, excellent shadow control, unique pattern adjustment, and the Nuvo sterile handle controls. According to the company, this product is available in a single-, dual-, or triple-ceiling mounted system.


SurgiClear from Covalon Technologies integrates two well-known antimicrobials (chlorhexidine and silver) into the film dressing's soft silicone adhesive. The dual antimicrobial silicone adhesive kills 99.99 percent of bacteria and suppresses re-growth of microbes on the patient's skin, maintaining a preferred environment for wound healing. The patented technology allows the film dressing to remain transparent for site assessment, while being breathable and waterproof, and the soft silicone adhesive makes this dressing ideal for the most compromised or sensitive of skin types.

Smart-Fold Sterilization Wrap

Kimberly-Clark's Smart-Fold Sterilization Wrap is an innovative sterilization packaging designed to provide the durability necessary for the most demanding healthcare applications while reducing waste. Developed in collaboration with central service and operating room professionals, the wrap features triple-layer reinforcement, making it 64 percent more durable than the leading sterilization wrap. Its impact-resistant fabric and triple-layer reinforcement zones are engineered to protect the heaviest trays and loaner sets from tears and cuts in handling.

Adjustable Stringers

Adjustable stringers from Healthmark Industries save time and improve overall efficiency during instrument reprocessing. When adjusted to its maximum open position, the Adjustable Stringer exposes instruments to optimal cleaning in the instrument washer, and then can be adjusted to the width suitable for placement in a sterilization tray. This allows hospitals to reduce their inventory of stringers and seamlessly prepare stringed instruments.

Fluid Management System

Thermedx Fluid Management System (FMS) offers a complete, single endoscopic solution for achieving industry recommended best practices with distention, volume measurement, and warming capabilities for gynecology, urology, and orthopedic services. This state-of-the-art technology facilitates efficiency, patient safety, and product standardization initiatives with a micro-processor controlled pump, touch screen user interface, and robust infrared heating.

The Switch Safety Scalpel

Medline Industries, Inc. introduces The Switch Safety Scalpel. Previous safety scalpels couldn't match the feel and usability of the traditional #3. But The Switch is designed to feel, weigh, and act like your regular #3. It's reusable, like the #3, weighs within 2 grams of the #3, and fits any standard scalpel blade in the market. It's also the first scalpel able to touchlessly eject the scalpel blade into the needle counter after surgery.

Laparoscopic dynamic retractor

The NovaTract laparoscopic dynamic retractor, a 5mm device designed for general, colorectal, gynecologic, urologic, and robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery offers improved tissue manipulation with its exclusive tension adjusting system, coupled with the ability to easily modify the angle of retraction as needed. The unique patent-pending retraction system helps increase visualization while reducing the number of ports needed allowing the surgeon to achieve less invasive reduced-port surgeries without changing surgical technique.

Cosgrove Mitral Valve Retractor System

Kapp Surgical Instrument, Inc. offers the Cosgrove Mitral Valve Retractor System. According to the company, it can be mounted on virtually any chest spreader, i.e. the Cooley Sternum Retractor, Ankeney Retractor, Morris Chest Spreader, and Finochietto Chest Spreader, as well as on most other retractors via custom attachment by Kapp. Furthermore, it exceptional exposure for right and left atrium. FFS-Cosgrove%20Prts-Inst-v24_LR.pdf


The New Hybrid D-HELP from New Wave Surgical is the only system designed to keep the laparoscopic and robotic lens defogged and clean from start to close. It comes with removable batteries for better disposal options. The D-HELP:

* Replaces ALL other defogging products

* Cleans the scope

* Defogs the scope

* Remains heated for five hours

* Protects the scope

* White balances the scope

* Cost-neutral to what is being used in the OR now (or in most cases is cost-effective and saves money)

TrenGuard 450

Robots are not programmed to compensate for patients sliding even "just a little bit." This ultimately results in robot trocars restraining patients on the table. TrenGuard 450 from Medicus Surgical remains the only extreme Trendelenburg restraint without a single report of patient sliding. TrenGuard 450 is easy to use and the time proven "speed-bump" restraint technology is fail-safe. It replaces bean bags, colored sticky-friction pads, egg-crate, gel pads, and tape/foam, all of which have reports of patients sliding.

Safe Cord Floor Strip

Flagship Surgical Safe Cord Floor Strip is a durable, disposable safety strip designed to cover cables and cords on the OR floors, thereby reducing the risk of staff tripping hazards and injuries. It has adhesive strips on the underside which secure the product to the floor but will not leave any residue. Safe Cord Floor Strip is bright yellow for added staff safety. The product can be safely walked on or rolled over by equipment without compromising function.


NDS Surgical Imaging's ScaleOR is a universal video format scaler and converter, the first of its kind, designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Until now, OR staff had to deal with numerous devices to surmount the challenges presented by the signal complexities of video conversion. With ScaleOR, one single device can now make the bridge between analog and digital, standard definition and high definition. Connecting different pieces of equipment with incompatible video signals--a common challenge--is simplified. And facilities can easily connect older legacy equipment to new digital technology. ScaleOR streamlines OR efficiency and reduces clutter by eliminating unnecessary devices, thereby enhancing OR safety. Its ultra-compact design (only 7.5" x 6" x 2") saves valuable space, requiring only a small footprint in the modern OR.

Endoscope System

EndoChoice's Fuse endoscope system is a proprietary arrangement of three small cameras on a flexible GI endoscope. By using three cameras, the Fuse system allows doctors to see nearly twice as much surface area as they can with traditional endoscopes that only use one camera. Because of folds that occur naturally in the colon and stomach anatomy, problem areas can easily go undetected when using traditional endoscopes. The Fuse system allows GI doctors to see more.

HD 3D Video Laparoscope

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D from Olympus is the world's only articulating HD 3D video laparoscope that delivers value to surgeons and patients by reducing surgical errors and improving the speed, accuracy, and precision of surgical tasks such as dissection, grasping, and suturing (compared with traditional 2D surgical systems). This is accomplished by restoring natural 3D vision and depth perception when performing laparoscopic procedures and is independent of a surgeon's skill level. Another significant advantage of the new Olympus HD 3D video platform is its availability as a module that can be easily added to an existing Olympus EVIS EXERA III Universal Imaging System. The modular design reduces the investment necessary to add 3D capability, and allows the surgeon to choose either 2D or 3D visualization from the surgical field.

Endocam Logic HD

Packing unprecedented versatility into a single endoscopic video system, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. introduces the Endocam Logic HD, equipped with three interchangeable, high-definition camera heads that plug into a single control unit to perform a multitude of procedures. Each of the three camera heads produces full 1080p high-definition imagery for maximum clarity, brightness, and detail. But it is the flagship Pendual camera head that exceeds boundaries with its ability to rotate between a 90-degree angle (for resection procedures) and an axial, or straight, orientation (for cystoscopy).

High-Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultra Clean Systems offers its latest high-capacity ultrasonic cleaning system, the XL48. The innovative XL48 comesequipped with cutting-edge TRT (Titanium Rod Technology), significantly decreasing cycle times to less than a third of standard wash cycles. The XL48 cleans 48 cannulated or 32 robotic instruments in 13 minutes. This high-capacity and speedy throughput optimizes department efficiency, preventing bottlenecks and maximizing patient safety.

Adjustable Positioning Device

HoverTech International's HT-Wedge Adjustable Positioning Device inflates to lift and position patients for improved visualization during intubation. The dual chamber design allows the head and chest to be adjusted separately, making it easier to achieve ear to sternal notch positioning regardless of the patient's body type. The deflated HT-Wedge can remain underneath the patient during the surgical procedure, and may then be re-inflated post-op for extubation, patient comfort, or to ease breathing.

Tri-Pull Secure ShoulderSolution

IMP's Tri-Pull Secure Shoulder Solution employs three proven systems (Phase4 Gel Splint, Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner, De Mayo RoTractor) to distract and control precise rotation of the shoulder during arthroscopic surgery. The RoTractor delivers incremental amounts of arm rotation while maintaining shoulder distraction at the same time. This unique solution gives the surgeon complete control of the patient's shoulder in the sterile field without need of an assistant to hold the patient's arm during surgery.

Double-Sided Tags

Key Surgical introduces easy-to-use, double-sided tags that are designed for communicating and identifying critical information in regards to scope reprocessing. Designed for use on processed, dry scopes, the self-looping tags are available in two styles. Choose from seven colors for easy color-coding with month, day, and date of processing or a larger, white tag to capture more detailed information such as scope model #, leak test (pass/fail), hang date/time, and even a location for a barcode if additional tracking is required. Included in each package is a lab marker with waterproof and alcohol resistant ink.

Wrong Site Sleeve

The Wrong Site Sleeve by Patient Safety Gear, Inc. marks the surgical site with a skin marker

which is placed on the patient's "wrong limb" to avoid any mistakes once the patient is taken to the operating room. The safety sleeve's fluorescent orange color alerts medical staff once again of the wrong limb for surgery. While a surgical time out is required prior to the start of surgery, Wrong-site surgery continues to be a problem nationwide. The WRONG SITE Sleeve can be added to your hospital's existing policy for extra protection.
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