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Excellence in Construction Awards 2014: recognizing outstanding projects and the heroes that make them happen.


Winner: Cobb Hill Construction, Inc.

Project: The Endicott Hotel Project

Designer: C.N. Carley Associates

Owner: CATCH Neighborhood Housing

The Endicott Hotel was the first commercial building on South Main Street in Concord. CATCH Neighborhood Housing wanted to convert the 1890's era landmark into modern 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

The first challenge was developing a plan to structurally repair the damage from a recent fire and a previously undiscovered renovation. Contractors for the earlier renovation had cut out the main central support beams and the building had sunk eleven inches in places. This required significant engineering, 250 tons of steel and the incredible skill of Geddes Building Movers to lift all-four floors back into alignment.

Extensive city code enforcement negotiations were required because city building codes did not cover much of the work required.

There was no working elevator until just two weeks prior to completion, so all materials, including granite countertops, had to be hand carried up as many as four floors.

The work was intense, schedule driven and trades were forced to work over and around each other to complete the project.


Winner: Eckman Construction Company, Inc.

Project: Manchester Country Club Renovation

Designer: Dennis Mires, PA, The Architects

Owner: Manchester Country Club

The Manchester Country Club was built in 1923 and 90 years later they chose Eckman Construction to complete an extensive renovation.

Project challenges included a tight schedule and keeping the facilities operable for members and staff.

Construction started with the new 10,000 square foot golf complex to house an expanded pro shop, cart storage and a year-round training center.

Heavy equipment was required to remove dirt under the ballroom to expand the basement. This work was done during the winter and required temporary heating as well as methods of keeping the ground from freezing. Insulated construction blankets allowed excavation for foundations, pouring concrete and then backfilling.

Once the basement was finished with a new prep kitchen and storage areas, the ballroom was expanded using new steel supports that would also support a new roof deck, and the second floor was renovated to create a space for members to meet or conduct business.

In May of 2014 Golf Inc. Magazine recognized the Manchester Country Club as a finalist for their "Clubhouse of the Year Award."


Winner: Methuen Construction Co. Inc.

Project: Jackson Mills Dam, Crest Gate

Designer: The H.L. Turner Group, Inc.

Owner: City of Nashua, NH

The Jackson Mills Dam in Nashua, NH was built in the 1830's and had been renovated many times. This latest renovation significantly lowers the 100-year floodplain zone by adding an adjustable Obermeyer Crest Gate for flow control of the Nashua River.

The existing dam was supposed to be timber frame with a rock fill, but turned out to be solid concrete. Voids in the dam substructure and lower-than-expected bedrock meant that the rock anchors needed to be longer than the 50-foot depth originally planned, so the team chose to grout solid the substructure to provide the proper structural support to the new crest gate. The holes drilled for the rock anchors were used for installation of the grout under pressure thereby filling all the voids.

The right abutment had to be rebuilt and new concrete added, so the team removed one third of the existing substructure at a time to allow for a new footing and unpinning wall, and to ensure that the right abutment was completely supported during the entire operation.


Winner: Turnstone Corporation

Project: Great Bay Community College

Designer: Dignard Architectural

Owner: Great Bay Community College

Great Bay Community College's new location at the Lilac Mall in Rochester, NH, was the result of a partnership of Albany Engineered Composites and Saffan Aerospace and public funds designed to provide broad education to the region and specific training for the partnerships.

The design phase had to anticipate and have the flexibility to adapt to changes yet unidentified. The Composite Lab needed equipment that would not be put out to bid until Phase 1 of the construction had been almost completed. Mechanical design was to design for the units on the roof that were to be priced and installed under a separate contract.

The team toured Albany, Saffan and Southern Maine Community College's Composites Lab to better understand the electrical and mechanical requirements for the equipment that would be installed.

The existing electrical was not sufficient and a new 1600 amp electrical service needed to be installed. Even though equipment was still arriving near the end of the project the team stayed patient and worked to ensure all the equipment was installed properly.


Winner: Turnstone Corporation

Project: Town Hall Attic & Exterior Repairs

Designer: Dodgeco

Owner: Town of Amherst

The historic Town Hall in Amherst, NH was constructed in 1823, and needed re-roofing and repairs to the original roof trusses. Three of the four trusses meant to support the 40' x 60' roof were not functioning, so 3D modeling was used to analyze the structure and understand how the original designers planned for load transfer with truss design. Load capacity had been overestimated, the roof had sagged in a number of locations, and the old timbers had also twisted or decayed over time.

The painstaking repairs required specialty craftsmen with extensive training and experience, using hand tools and specialty chisels, and often working on their backs in the cramped attic space.

The shoring required to stabilize the structure was a complex challenge, and another significant problem was repairing the connection between the upper and lower chords of the truss without removing the members entirely. The solution was adding a pair of steel tension bars connected by short crosspieces. Additional braces and truss rods were added that nearly doubled the load capacity of the trusses.


Winner: Interstate Electrical Services Corporation

Project: Safran USA/Albany International

Owner: Safran USA/Albany International

Safran and Albany International are joint tenants in a new global aerospace manufacturing plant in Rochester, NH. The facility is 343,000 square feet, and requires six 2400 amp services, 45 miles of conduit and 250 miles of wire.

Both tenants awarded Interstate additional fit-out and low-voltage projects to run concurrently with the base building project. Both companies wanted to begin limited operations before the base building was complete. The dual scenario posed a challenge as the building was not complete and yet wiring had to be added to connect process machinery. Circuits had to be de-energized without disrupting ongoing work, so shutdowns were scheduled for after hours.

All feeders and branch circuits were located in overhead spaces rather than underground. This required cable trays, miles of conduit and long cable pulls, plus special software and daily safety briefing for all trades.

Working in 30 degree temperatures, a congested area, big demands, lots of changes, a tight deadline and with a large team, Interstate Electrical completed the project on time and with no OSHA recordable injuries.



Winner: EnviroVantage

Project: Cumberland County Civic Center

Designer: WBRC Architects-Engineers

Owner: Cumberland County Recreation


Winner: Eckman Construction Company, Inc.

Project: Manchester Community College

Student Center

Designer: Lavallee Brensinger Architects

Owner: Manchester Community College


Winner: North Branch Construction, Inc.

Project: Tuckerman Hall Residence Hall

Southern NH University

Designer: JSA Architects

Owner: Southern New Hampshire University


Winner: PROCON, Inc.

Project: The Residences at Merrimack College

Designer: PROCON, Inc.

Owner: Merrimack College


Winner: PROCON, Inc.

Project: Needham Residence Inn by Marriott

Designer: PROCON, Inc

Owner: SXC Needham Inn, LLC


Winner: Andrews Construction Co., Inc

Project: Southern NH University--East Side

Drive & Parking Lot

Designer: TFMoran

Owner: Southern New Hampshire University


Winner: DECCO, Inc.

Project: University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth--Bioprocessing Project

Designer: DPS Biometics

Owner: University of Massachusetts at



Winner: EnviroVantage

Project: Winnisquam Middle School

Owner: Winnisquam Regional School District


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