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Exceedingly pleasing: Ghada ditches seduction for Egypt, Ramadan and her man.

Out with the old racy and radical eye-turning seductive Egyptian actress and in with the tamer frumpier version, Ghada Adel Razek is deploying a strategy of appeasment on the career and marital fronts. If she's not toning it down for the Muslim Brothers , then she's keeping it modest for her dearly beloved husband. And honoring the holy month of Ramadan to boot.

She's not the Ghada Abdel Razek as we know her, but controversial Egyptian actress has appeared in the ad campaign for her upcoming television drama "Ma Sibq Al Israr" (With Prior Insistence) in a less glamor and flesh, more modest finish. Her dowdy librarian getup sees her with eye glasses and no makeup , inviting speculation inside Egypt that the savvy actress is turning on the Islamist charm to work new political Egypt to her advantage.

New Brothers, New Husband

In the past, Ghada always relied on her looks and striking body to raise ratings for her various productions or films. Yet, her own new domestic status could be as much to do with her 'new look' as Egypt's new political status. It's been said that since she got married just months ago, she has begun wearing more conservative clothes and checking herself and her deportment to ensure that she cultivates a conservative respectful attitude.

You can take the seduction out of the girl...

Insiders on the set of Ghada's drama including, heading up scene selection, Ayman Salama, denied rumors that the Egyptian Censorship Committee had scrapped some of the 'seductive' scenes that were deemed inappropriate . On the contrary, Ayman said that the censors was very impressed with the material and the subjects tackled. They were what's more struck by the fact that it was a first for Ghada starring in a production without having to face-off censorship issues or comments.

Ghada and director Mohammad Sami are currently in Beirut filming the outdoor scenes and once through, the cast and crew will return to the Cairo-based filming studios at the Media Production City to wrap up all outstanding scenes and have the drama ready for prime Ramadan scheduling.

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Date:Jul 14, 2012
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