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Excalibur and PRC join forces to deliver paperless solution to the U.S. Navy's CINCLANTFLT.

MCLEAN, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 25, 1996--Excalibur Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:EXCA) and PRC, a subsidiary of Litton Industries Inc, Tuesday announced that they have formed a strategic alliance for advanced search and retrieval over CD-ROM and the World Wide Web.

As part of that alliance, PRC has already delivered a large-scale solution based on Excalibur's RetrievalWare(TM) to the Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) of the United States Navy.

The Fleet's Paperless Staff initiative is using RetrievalWare to provide immediate, automated access to Naval messages, instructions, procedures and regulations, intelligence and status reports as well as financial accounting documents.

The CINCLANTFLT contract award to Excalibur represents the initial phases of a potential fleet-wide system which will use an internal TCP/IP network, CD-ROM and the world wide Web to store, manage and disseminate hundreds of thousands of key Naval documents. Presently, the system supports over 1,000 users, and has logged 350 concurrent users.

The alliance brings together Excalibur Technologies, the leading provider of software solutions for information retrieval and PRC, a leading provider of information technology-based systems and services to government and commercial clients around the world.

PRC's Information Technology business unit will optimize the value-added resale (VAR) and systems integration opportunities for Excalibur's RetrievalWare, the first, unified family of software components developed to significantly improve the productivity and lower the costs of information management systems.

"This alliance is based upon a proven technical solution and successful business relationship," noted Mike Luby, manager, electronic document management systems group, PRC.

"Our partnership with Excalibur has given us the tools to quickly develop a customized, Visual Basic interface for CINCLANTFLT and to provide them access to their system through a Web browser. In addition, RetrievalWare provides us with unmatched ability to deliver relevant information, integrate retrospective searching and highly efficient real-time information filtering."

"Through partners such as PRC, we gain access to many mission- critical applications that require our advanced information retrieval solutions. Our mutual partners and customers benefit from the best-of-class software that we offer and the applications that we can provide in the areas of document management, message handling, information filtering, multimedia, and asset management solutions," said Patrick C. Condo, president and CEO of Excalibur Technologies.

PRC has more than 5,600 people in 80 offices nationwide, and is a leading provider of information technology and systems-based solutions for the U.S. government. Litton is a leader in worldwide technology markets for advanced electronic, defense and information systems, and is a major designer and builder of surface combatant ships for the U.S. Navy and allied nations.

Excalibur Technologies Corp. has set the standard for excellence in information retrieval since 1980, leading the industry in high- performance search and retrieval solutions to the online, federal and corporate intranet markets.

Only Excalibur delivers information retrieval solutions and imaging applications leveraging the underlying patterns of digital information, and the actual meaning of words. Excalibur's RetrievalWare provides the first set of software products optimized for creating retrieval solutions for text, images and other forms of digital media. -0-

Contact Excalibur in North America at 703/761-3700, via e-mail at, in the United Kingdom at 44-1344-893-444, and on the World Wide Web at Contact PRC at 703/556-2749, and on the World Wide Web at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 25, 1996
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