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Excalibur Announces Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.5 Featuring RetrievalWare FileRoom.

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 13, 1997--

New Ability to Search Against Paper Assets Creates Industry's Most

Accurate, Scalable and Comprehensive Knowledge Retrieval Solution

Excalibur Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: EXCA), the first in the industry to provide knowledge retrieval solutions, today announced Excalibur RetrievalWare(TM) 6.5 which features several major enhancements including the introduction of Excalibur RetrievalWare FileRoom.

The FileRoom is an add-on module to Excalibur RetrievalWare designed to help organizations better utilize all of their knowledge assets by enabling them to search for both paper-based and electronic documents as a unified view using an industry standard web-browser.

In addition, Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.5 delivers enhanced summarization capabilities, search client improvements and meta data clustering.

Excalibur now offers the unprecedented ability to access and retrieve both paper and electronic documents -- including office data, Internet and intranet data, groupware data, digital assets (including images and video), and relational database information -- all from a single user interface.

The advancements are made possible by Excalibur's powerful combination of semantic networks and pattern recognition ("fuzzy search"), which enables customers to search the full range of data repositories including paper-based infomation.

The new products firmly position Excalibur as the leader in the new knowledge retrieval market space versus competitors who are limited to searching only electronic text-based documents and lack the breadth of search technologies and special features for integrating paper-based knowledge assets.

"Excalibur is leveraging unique features of its product architecture to provide a knowledge retrieval solution that can address virtually any type of information," said Carl Frappaolo of Delphi Consulting Group.

"Their powerfully unique combination of pattern recognition and a semantic network, combined with Boolean and statistical algorithms, allows them to provide solutions that can identify and retrieve knowledge in resources ranging from paper to on-line video. In this information rich society that seems to know no bounds with regards to information sources, this is a powerful message."

Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.5 with FileRoom is a complete solution consisting of scan and OCR processes which are tightly integrated with Excalibur RetrievalWare's indexing servers.

To complement this offering, Excalibur entered into a reseller agreement with Kofax Image Products of Irvine, Calif. and is offering RetrievalWare FileRoom tightly integrated with Kofax Ascent Capture software. In addition, FileRoom supports most all of the widely used document capture solutions on the market.

According to industry experts, more than 80% of an organization's assets are still paper-based. Common OCR errors are mitigated by Excalibur's pattern recognition, also known as Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing (APRP), which detects the underlying patterns in text and provides robust "fuzzy spelling" capability to recognize query terms even if "hit" words within a document are compromised due to errors.

This includes errors in spelling, errors made by the author, errors made when transcribing foreign or other proper names, or errors made by the searcher in his or her query terms.

"Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.5, with the new FileRoom option, is a major release for our more than 700 Excalibur Electronic Filing System (EFS) customers and opens up doors to a whole suite of new customers," said Dan Agan, vice president, World Wide Marketing, of Excalibur Technologies.

"The unprecedented ability to search both electronic and paper documents all from one interface, once again raises the bar in the knowledge retrieval marketplace and confirms our continuing status as the pioneer and leader in delivering enterprise-wide knowledge retrieval solutions."

Combined with a full semantic network of 500,000 word meanings and 1.4 million word associations, Excalibur RetrievalWare with FileRoom is the most comprehensive and accurate knowledge retrieval solution available today.

Excalibur is the only vendor to deliver the hybrid search algorithms of concept, pattern, statistical and Boolean capabilities -- most search engines still offer only Boolean and statistical capabilities.

"Managing text-based information completes only a quarter of the equation, at best," Agan said. "Without the ability to also manage paper, electronic text, newswire feeds, images and video, which Excalibur can do, our competition will have a tough time moving into the knowledge retrieval space."

Availability and Pricing

Excalibur RetrievalWare 6.5 with the FileRoom feature is available this month and U.S. pricing begins at $9,950 per server. International pricing may vary.

Initial hardware support is for NT and Solaris and the Company intends to make Excalibur RetrievalWare FileRoom available on a full complement of platforms within a few months. Call for additional platform and pricing info.

Excalibur Technologies

Founded in 1980, Excalibur Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: EXCA) is the pioneer of innovative Knowledge Retrieval software solutions that empower people and enable organizations to transform information into knowledge.

As the world's leading developer of high-performance software products for search and retrieval of knowledge assets over all media types - paper documents, text, images, video, and other multi-media data types, throughout intranets, LANs/WANs, Xtranets and the Internet -- Excalibur gives comprehensive access to find the precise information people need, no matter where it is stored, in whatever form.

Excalibur's flagship products, Excalibur RetrievalWare and Excalibur Visual RetrievalWare, incorporate the most advanced technologies in the industry and combine as a proven solution for large-scale knowledge retrieval applications where accuracy, scalability and reliability are paramount.

Contact Excalibur in North America at 800/788-7758 or 703/761-3700, in the United Kingdom at 44-1344-893-444, via e-mail at or visit our web site at

Excalibur Technologies Corp. and the Excalibur logo are registered trademarks of Excalibur Technologies Corp. APRP, RetrievalWare and Visual RetrievalWare are trademarks of Excalibur Technologies Corporation. Other brands or product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective organizations named above.

CONTACT: Excalibur Technologies

Carter B. Cromley, 703/761-3700
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Date:Oct 13, 1997
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