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Examining the causes and consequences of nursing errors of omission and how to prevent them.

Taking care of multiple patients, staying on top of paperwork, helping fellow nurses and other colleagues--an RN's workday is busy and hectic. Even the best nurses occasionally commit errors of omission, which can have devastating effects on patient care and on nurses themselves.

To help understand and reduce these incidents of missed nursing care and to establish a foundation for support, the American Nurses Association has released Errors of Omission: How Missed Nursing Care Imperils Patients.

Based on 10 years of extensive research, Errors of Omission provides an in-depth review of the correlation between missed nursing care--standard, required nursing care that's left undone--and adverse outcomes in both patient care and nursing staff retention.

Author Beatrice J. Kalisch, PhD, RN, FAAN, the Titus Professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, and an ANA-Michigan member, has conducted extensive research on nursing care. Kalisch served as the 2013-14 Distinguished Nurse Scholar-in-Residence at the Institute of Medicine, which was supported by ANA, the American Academy of Nursing and the American Nurses Foundation.

The new book offers a wide array of resources to help readers learn about the different aspects of missed nursing care:

* Key areas of missed nursing care;

* Consequences of not providing care;

* Methods of studying missed care; and

* The important roles of leadership, management and teamwork in addressing and preventing missed nursing care.

Errors of Omission is essential to everyone in the nursing profession. Staff nurses and managers will find this book extremely valuable as they work to provide the highest standards of safe, quality care. Nursing students will gain a thorough understanding of the science and value of nursing care and the devastating effects of not providing it.

Learn how to prevent errors of omission to provide higher quality patient care. To order Errors of Omission: How Missed Nursing Care Imperils Patients, visit

Vermont State Nurses' foundation--Honor a Nurse Campaign

Nursing continues to be the most trusted profession as indicated in annual surveys. This attests to the collective contributions nurses make as they care for patients, families and communities. Efforts of individual nurses however deserve special recognition by colleagues, employers, patients, families and friends. There are many reasons to Honor a Nurse such as: to thank a mentor, to acknowledge excellent care given by a nurse to a patient, to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday or retirement, or to recognize a promotion. Just think for a moment, you will know a nurse to honor. Celebration: The honored nurses and the persons nominating them will be recognized at the ANA-Vermont Convention in 2016. The honored nurses each will receive a certificate identifying the person recognizing her/him as well as the reason for the honor. Submit nominations by: September 1, 2016. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. VSNF is a 501(c)3 organization. Nominations this year are online.

Please go here to nominate someone:

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