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Examine the Future of Telecommunications, As Next Generation Networks Develop Into an IP Based Telco Environment.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "2006 Global NGN, IP and VoIP - Global Overview, Analyses and Stats" to their offering.

Next Generation Networks (NGN), VoIP, cheaper calls, new IT applications, voice, data and video convergence, VPN, IP networks.

With a market rapidly changing from traditional voice based products to one that must cater for a wide range of data driven media applications, a totally new operational structure is required. Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are leading this transformation by integrating telecoms with IT. This forms the core of this new environment for digital media. NGNs enable the convergence of multiple applications to run on the same network, including voice, data and video (triple play) - as well as other new media applications.

Incumbent telcos often run hundreds, even thousands, of operational support systems, so this clearly indicates the size of the task ahead. Implementation of NGNs is often over promised and under delivered and full implementation could easily take a decade to accomplish.

Volume 1 of this report examines the future of telecommunications, as NGNs develop into an IP based telco environment. The report includes analysis and statistics, with an emphasis on the first deliverable: VoIP. It includes a historical summary, key trends and developments, statistics, forecasts and extensive technical information. Detailed information on convergence and FttH infrastructure are covered in different reports.

Key highlights include:

--Traditional voice services are under pressure from VoIP, declining by 10%+ per annum.

--Worldwide revenue from Next Generation voice products will reach around $6 billion by 2008.

--Internet users will climb to 2 billion in the next 10-12 years.

--NGN and broadband allows for the delivery of integrated triple play bundles - the first applications are concentrating on VoIP and IPTV.

--BT is leading the incumbent market in NGNs and is the company to watch for benchmarking.

--Mobile data will remain a niche market, and will grow into IP-based WiMAX services towards the end of the decade. -- This in turn will lead to integration with fixed IP based networks, creating FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence).

--Developments such as VPLS allow for layer 2 access, promoting the concept of open networks.

--With an increase in data services both in the business and residential sectors, the market for outsourcing, data centres, content hosting, and other forms of external assistance will continue to grow.

--VoIP quality (over broadband and NGNs) concerns are diminishing, and wider applications are being introduced, such as corporate VPNs.

--There will be around 50 million VoIP subscribers by the end of 2006

This Report Also Contains:

--Market overview, analyses, statistics and forecasts

--NGN infrastructure developments

--IP Convergence and applications

--The future of voice (fixed, mobile, VoIP)

--VoIP analyses, overviews, statistics and forecasts


--Technology overview including: IPv4, IPv6, NAT, QoS, MPLS, streaming media

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 17, 2006
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