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Examine New Trends & Future Perspectives in the Hot and Soft Drinks Market to 2011 with New Publication.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: Consumers Hot And Soft Drink Preferences: New Trends & Future Perspectives to their offering.

Consumers consumption of hot and soft drinks is increasing year-on-year, mainly to fulfil hydration and health demands, and partly to satisfy indulgence needs. This report identifies what is driving consumers soft and hot drink occasions and assesses which drinks categories are winning share of throat. Marketers must understand key consumer drivers to grow occasions and maintain market share.


* Detailed occasion and consumption data covering bottled water, carbonated beverages, juices, functional drinks, coffee, tea and other hot drinks.

* Insight in to consumers changing share of throat preferences and the trends driving beverage choice through 2011.

* Showcases the latest best-practice product and marketing innovation highlighting how to capitalize on consumers unmet needs.

* Strategic conclusions and actions highlighting how manufacturers and retailers should direct resources towards evolving drink trends.

Highlights of this title

Consumers are creating new drink occasions in an effort to satisfy conflicting need states, with health a key driver of future soft and hot drink occasions. European and US consumers had on average 1,186 soft drink occasions in 2006 and this is forecast to rise to 1,331 by 2011, a growth of 2.3%

Drinks categories are becoming increasingly blurred as consumers share of throat evolves, and drinks manufacturers are facing increasing competition both from rival brands and more importantly from different drinks categories.

Hot drink preferences are changing with tea becoming increasingly popular in coffee dominated markets such as the US, France and the Netherlands, due to its perception amongst consumers of being healthy. In contrast, coffee occasions are becoming increasingly indulgent with strong growth in specialty coffee through foodservice channels.

Key reasons to purchase this title

* Gain a detailed understanding of the drivers and inhibitors associated with consumers soft and hot drink choices.

* Update your strategic marketing by determining how and why to target consumers better by focusing on key occasions and locations.

* Drive insight generation by using a compelling mix of quantitative and qualitative data illustrating consumer preferences and market. developments
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This report covers bottled water, carbonates, functional drinks, juices, tea, coffee and other hot drinks

TREND: New beverage occasions are emerging as consumers look to satisfy conflicting need states

Per capita frequency of soft drink occasions is higher in the US than Europe

German consumers drinks choices are driven by the health trend

Increasing temperatures are set to drive soft drink occasion frequencies, especially in the summer months

the growing number of non-alcoholic drinkers in some countries is driving growth in soft drink alternatives

Moderated consumption of alcohol is even being seen among students

Aging populations are shaping the soft drinks industry

Carbonated drink occasions are evolving to different day parts

Children are drinking less carbonated drinks

Hot drink consumption in Western markets is heavily dependent on culture and climate

Coffee is becoming an indulgent drink

Hot drink consumption increases in colder climates

Key take-outs and implications: consumers are choosing beverages that best fit their needs and are willing to forego previous beverage format preferences

TREND: Healthier drinks are gaining share of consumers throat

Consumers are increasingly opting for better-for-you and good-for-you beverages

there are marked differences between European and US soft drink share of throat

Consumers propensity to drink tea is growing in the US, while European consumers are drinking more coffee

Consumers growing propensity to drink tea in the US is being driven by its positive health associations

Key take-outs and implications: health is heavily influencing consumers hot and soft drink preferences, something which must be recognized in future NPD activity

TREND: the importance of instantaneous and constant hydration to consumers is growing

Consumers are increasingly appreciating the importance of staying hydrated

Women consider hydration to be more important than men

Older consumers find drinking water more important than younger consumers

Children are increasingly appreciating the importance of drinking enough water

Key take-outs and implications: in addition to health, indulgence and convenience needs, physical hydration needs have intensified in recent years

INSIGHT: Bottled water occasions are increasing, taking an increasing share of throat

Bottled water now accounts for half of all soft drink consumption in Europe

there is a correlation between the type of ice or water that consumers prefer to consume at home, and the size of the bottled water market in those countries

there is concern over the nutritional content of flavored water, which may inhibit future growth

Concerns over the environment may encourage greater tap water consumption in the future

Key take-outs and implications: bottled water growth has been extremely strong, although there are barriers facing the category in the future

INSIGHT: the carbonates market is showing little growth as consumers switch to healthier beverages

Consumers in Europe have under half the number of carbonated drink occasions as the US

Growth in the carbonates market is being driven by diet variants

Key take-outs and implications: consumers are switching from carbonated beverages, as it is a category that is generally off-trend

INSIGHT: Juices growth is being driven by the health and indulgence trends

the number of juice occasions is increasing as consumers look to increase their consumption of fresh items and good-for-you nutrients

Consumers believe that juices are a convenient way of providing part of their five-a-day requirement

Consumers feel confused by juice labeling

Key take-outs and implications: as health becomes more important to consumers, the juices market is well placed to benefit

INSIGHT: Functional drink occasions are growing as consumers take a preventative and convenience driven approach to consumption

Europeans account for just a third of the total functional drink occasions accounted for by US consumers

Men are core functional drink consumers but female consumption is increasing

Aging populations are also changing the profile of the functional beverage consumer

Key take-outs and implications: consumers are slowly embracing the healthy science behind functional beverages

INSIGHT: Coffee is overwhelmingly the hot drink preference among Europeans and Americans

the number of coffee occasions is increasing

Tea is gaining share of throat at the expense of coffee in the US

Tea is capitalizing on the health trend

Other hot drinks represent a small but growing part of overall hot drink occasions 39

Key take-outs and implications: coffee continues to attract consumers requiring a pick-me-up and indulgence



ACTION: Recognize and react to consumers shifting share of throat dynamics

Target alternative beverage occasions by making beverages more versatile 44

Target the student demographic with greater intensity to capitalize on their desire for sophisticated alternatives to alcoholic beverages

Develop multiple packaging sizes to capture new occasions

ACTION: Inflate the premium credentials of beverage products and services

Promote freshness as a core product attribute

Develop natural or organic products that facilitate premium pricing

Consider glass packaged beverages to capitalize on the demand for superior sensory satisfaction

ACTION: Develop and promote healthier coffee at specific occasions

Challenge the perception that coffee is unhealthy

Explore the possibilities of promoting coffees antioxidant benefits to help fight back against teas

Consider developing milder strength coffee to target health conscious consumers

Appeal to consumers seeking functional drinks by developing energized coffee, especially by infusing existing variants with natural ingredients

ACTION: Emphasize the benefits that bottled water offers over tap water

Emphasize the origin of bottled waters to differentiate from tap water

Offer a value proposition to attract lower income consumers

Add additional nutrients to bottled water to compete with functional beverages

Lower sugar levels in flavored waters to combat cynicism

Develop recyclable packaging to counter wastage concerns

ACTION: Focus juice marketing efforts on both healthy and indulgent occasions

Promote five a day in promotional literature

Target parents and children with good-for-you juice brands

Consider altering juice formulations

Target different day-parts

Juice marketers should ensure that the origin of their products is clearly marketed

ACTION: Encourage everyday tea consumption

Promote tea as a self indulgent treat

ACTION: Challenge perceptions that carbonated drinks are unhealthy

Consider added functionality in carbonated drinks to counter the functional drink threat

Replace artificial flavors and additives with natural ingredients

Target different day-parts

Carbonated drinks are increasingly being consumed at breakfast time in the US

Consider positioning carbonated drinks as an indulgent treat

ACTION: Target specific consumer groups with functional beverage occasions

Target specific health concerns with functional beverages

Communicate the ease that your products offer in maintaining a healthy diet

Ensure that attempts at gender specific functional drink positioning are targeted appropriately
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