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Photography, as Nicky Ledesma does, is representational art. He is keen in selecting key moments for keeps in our perpetually shifting environment. His creativity is about visualizing realms that excite, inspire, and engage.

Nicky's journey began in the early '70s, a film-based, black-and-white era meticulously spent on processing and printing. He claims to having been greatly influenced by Ansel Adams as he adhered to Adams's pioneering zone system technique.

He recalls perhaps his most moving feat during his collegiate years when he was able to lord over his school's photography contest which was held as a part of a cultural fest. "I won first, second, fourth, and sixth places which in turn, gave our batch the points to win the overall cultural championships. I was pitted against the arts and mass communications students who took up photography in their pictorial communications course. They were artists who slept, ate, drank, and smoked with so much creativity. I was not a trained artist and could not match the creativity that oozed so naturally from them, thus winning over them was most significant," he enthused.

He has since acquired a wider perspective of the world and the environment through photography. He believes that with a much thorough perspective, he was able to better appreciate God's magnificent bounty which are sometimes dismissed as these come in blurs to the untrained eyes.

Landscape photography has been his field of choice as he consistently nods to the works of Ansel Adams. The natural environment and its teeming scenic elements fulfill Nicky's pursuit of fostering the wonders of life. "Photography captures what I see in more comprehensive ways which are more lasting," he explains.

He describes his signature take on landscape photography as a play on subdued lighting which fires his mood and visual preferences may it be in colored or monochromatic. His take on infrared photography has been about taking his faculties further as he goes beyond the visible color spectrum to capture striking images.

Apart from personal feats, Nicky is also an esteemed pioneering member of the Camera Club of Negros and was a club president in years 1983 and 2008. Part of the club's endeavors revolve around social awareness as well as formally introducing the craft of photography to enthusiasts in Negros province since 1981 alongside Billy Lopue and Antonio Corral.

Ultimately, Nicky aims to make a difference as he seeks to influence others in appreciating and protecting nature through his photographs. Consequently, he echoes Adams's principle that "a great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety." (NICKYLEDESMA)


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Title Annotation:Picture Perfect
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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