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Exabyte announces 221L LTO-3 tape library with fibre channel.

Exabyte Corporation, an innovator in tape backup, restore and archival systems, has announced the availability of the 221L Plus with native Fibre Channel, featuring IBM's third-generation LTO Ultrium tape drive technology (LTO-3). Built with ExaBotics, Exabyte's patented and award-winning robotics systems recognized worldwide for reliability, the 221L offers hassle-free set-up and operation, robust features, and the enhanced performance of LTO-3 technology and native Fibre Channel connectivity.

The 221L with optional native Fibre Channel (FC) offers unsurpassed connectivity reliability, insuring streaming maximum FC data bandwidth into each drive independently for optimal drive performance. With the 221L with FC, no library imbedded SCSI/FC router is required. The data for each drive is independently streamed rather than fed into a single bus or port. This removes the potential for a single point of library or drive failure, eliminating throughput bottlenecks and avoiding the extra expense, time, and possible breakdowns related to adding a new router into the SAN.

"The 221L Plus is designed to offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the category, particularly for the high-volume data environments of data centers and the intense multi-media data storage needs of Mac users," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte. "The benefits of native Fibre Channel and Exabyte's world-class robotics ensure its industry-leading reliability and performance to further reduce the overall cost of tape automation."

The Exabyte 221L Plus Tape Library with LTO-3 is the only library in its class to offer a native Fibre Channel interface which makes it ideal for SAN applications. It offers enterprise storage customers a powerful tape automation solution designed to support intensive data storage volumes. Featuring two LTO-3 drives and 21 cartridge slots and built with ExaBotics--widely recognized as the most intelligently designed automation robotics in the world--the221L tape library provides flawless robotics operation, capacity of up to 16.8 TB and data transfer speed of more than 1.1 TB per hour to support the growing data storage needs of enterprise customers. Exabyte's native Fibre Channel connectivity eliminates the need for an internal bridge or router, which avoids the performance bottlenecks inherent in other vendors' FC-enabled solutions. One of the many benefits of Exabyte's renowned engineering excellence, the 221L Plus comes with innovative "upgrade-in-the-field" capability, thus protecting users' hardware investment and minimizing future upgrade costs. With a compact 5u form factor and powerful remote management capabilities including bar code scanner, Ethernet interface, and remote management, the 221L tape library is the ideal LTO-3 automation solution for the enterprise data center. (Also available with native FC withLTO-1 and LTO-2 drives.)

The IBM LTO-3 Ultrium tape drives integrated by Exabyte more than double the capacity and speed of the popular LTO-2 drive, bringing capacity to 400GB (800GB compressed) and transfer speed to 80MB per second (160MB/sec compressed), thus shortening the time needed for backup and restore processes-a key benefit for companies with increasing storage requirements and shrinking backup windows. Next-generation LTO-3 improvements include the addition of a Graceful Dynamic Braking feature, which significantly reduces media stress and the likelihood of media damage in the event of a sudden loss of power to the drive. Additional advantages of LTO-3 tape drives include energy-efficient electronics that utilize less power than LTO-2 while operating in the write and idle modes, a doubled buffer size, Digital Speed Matching (DSM) that combine to optimize tape feed and data transfer performance, and compatibility with LTO-1 and LTO-2 media to maximize legacy system investments.

At a street price beginning under $17,299, the 221L Plus LTO-3 Library with Fibre Channel is available immediately through Exabyte's worldwide distribution and reseller networks.
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