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Exabyte VXA-2 packet tape drives selected to provide data backup and retrieval for Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers.

Exabyte Corporation has announced an agreement with Fujitsu Limited, a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace, to offer internal VXA-2 Packet Tape Drives for its PRIMERGY line of Intel architecture (IA) servers.

PRIMERGY servers are available globally and provide solution platforms for data centers, Internet access, Web hosting, application performance and high availability computing.

"The new VXA-2 Packet Tape Drive offers a cost-effective solution for PRIMERGY server customers looking for the most reliable tape product on the market," stated Jitsuo Masuda, General Manager, IA Server Division of Fujitsu Limited. "As Fujitsu continues to offer more powerful servers at affordable prices it's important that we remain focused on the varied and changing requirements of our customers. This advanced tape drive based upon packet technology supports Ultra 2 low-voltage differential (LVD) SCSI connections and provides convenience and ease of use features. VXA-2 Packet technology enables us to deliver the best capacity, reliability, durability and price-performance in its class to our customers."

"Fujitsu's selection of VXA-2 Packet Tape Drives for its PRIMERGY server line demonstrates the rapidly growing acceptance of VXA-2 technology as the storage solution best suited to meet the demanding data backup and retrieval needs of enterprise and SME customers," commented Jalin Anderson, Vice President and Managing Director of Exabyte Asia Pacific. "Fujitsu is an industry leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high performance computer storage systems and multimedia products, and we will benefit greatly from this relationship."

"This agreement represents an exciting opportunity for Exabyte to dramatically increase its sales volume in Japan and Asia Pacific as a whole," said Tom Ward, president and CEO of Exabyte. "Fujitsu is a dominant player in the Japan and Asia Pacific markets, particularly in the business-class server segment, and we are excited to have VXA-2 Tape Drives offered on the PRIMERGY server line."

Fujitsu is the latest major OEM to endorse VXA-2 as the data backup, restore and archiving technology with the best performance, capacity, data integrity, automation support and price in its class. VXA-2 dramatically increases the capacity and performance available to tape users and provides an excellent migration path from DDS Tape Technology and other outdated backup technologies at similar pricing for drives and media. The VXA-2 drive can record up to 160 GB to a single cartridge at a data transfer rate of up to 12 MB/second--which is 4x the capacity and 2x the speed of DDS-4 and 2x the capacity and 2x the speed of DAT-72. VXA-2 also delivers full read and write compatibility with VXA-1, protecting the investment of users who have already chosen VXA technology.
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Comment:Exabyte VXA-2 packet tape drives selected to provide data backup and retrieval for Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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