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Ex-top cop refuses to go quietly.

MORALE at North Wales Police was set to soar today following the revelation their former boss Richard Brunstrom had dispatched a heartwarming e-mail to former colleagues reminiscing on how indispensable he was.

The ex top cop pointed out that before him, officers were "afraid of tackling" tough cookies like Rhyl's John Gizzi.

Mr Brunstrom went on to say that, in the past, the force had been seen as an "English-speaking army of occupation" rather than the bilingual body it is today - "a true part of the community that is North Wales and I have been inducted into the Gorsedd of Bards of the Island of Britain as a result, an accolade for us all."

A senior officer, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Post: "Yes it's true, we were reviled by many as a brutish bunch of gin-swigging English toffs until Brunstrom turned up from the Cleveland area, learned Welsh and joined the Bards.

"I will never forget the joy on the faces of the oppressed hill folk as they ran from their cottages, bursting into song, breaking into spontaneous poetry, cloaks and stovepipe hats hurled to the heavens, the day they realised their saviour had come."

One shepherd, speaking slowly HERO OF WEEK PETER Bray of Holyhead was forced to abandon row across the Peter was caught winds west of the It's great when on these challenges, when it raises for charity.

in a lilting voice, for English was unfamiliar to him, said: "'It was a grand moment when Mr Brunstrom arrived. He sent the villains scattering with his ruthless bilingualism. Now the only crook left in these parts is the one I lean on," said the wizened old man, adding: "what's more, motorists all have to drive as slowly as I do - which is no mean feat." Maybe next time!

VILLAIN OF WEEK THE anonymous authority who draft laws. Who can we the rule forbidding Connah's Quay's Mason putting apples in his compost bin? Richard Brunstrom's Welshifying of Heddlu Gogledd Cymru (North Wales Police) can be traced back to his own Celtic roots. Born in Nottingham to a father of Swedish descent, Mr Brunstrom grew up in Surrey. He was inspired to become a police officer after studying zoology at university.

We'll never know.

Joining North Wales Police in 2000, the honorary druid soon made his mark in the English-speaking army of occupation. He tackled English-style speeding by enforcing strict limits aimed at making drivers amble along in a dreamy, country fashion befitting a rural area, with plenty of time to point and to stop unexpectedly.

The Chief wished to undermine the Saxon stiff upper lip advocating legalising all drugs, thereby allowing users to sink into a happy, harp-plucking coma without fear of having one's collar felt. Now retired, he intends to sail round the world with his wife "as soon as we can buy the right boat."

While his departure has saddened former colleagues, the prospect of him taking to the high seas has dismayed many pirates.

One said: "We've been flying the Jolly Roger at half mast ever since we heard this fearless druid was heading for the ocean.

"He'll have us sailing so slowly we'll be ruined. And imagine if he boards our boat and starts reciting Bardic poetry? Not since Calico Jack was hanged, tarred and gibbeted have we suffered such a vile fate."

saviour HERO OF WEEK PETER Bray of Holyhead who was forced to abandon his solo row across the Atlantic. Peter was caught by huge winds west of the Scillies. It's great when people take on these challenges, especially when it raises money for charity. Maybe next time!

his Now in these parts is VILLAIN OF WEEK THE anonymous officials in authority who draft silly laws. Who can we thank for the rule forbidding Connah's Quay's John Mason putting windfall apples in his council compost bin? We'll never know.



Former Police Chief Richard Brunstrom was called to the Gorsedd during his time in charge
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Aug 25, 2009
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