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Ex-Service Notes.

Birmingham Air Raids Remembrance Assn: Meets third Thurs of month. Info Barbara Johnson 0121 749 2009, Pat Woodward 0121 353 4667; Birmingham branch REME Assn: Meets third Thurs of month at 8pm at RBL, Quarry Lane, Northfield. Denis Stafford 0121 353 8087; Birmingham Dunkirk Veterans Fellowship: Meets first Wed of month at Nautical Club. Info J Steel 01527 523592; Birmingham Wartime Evacuees Club: Meets last Tues of month at 12pm at Bennetts wine bar, Bennetts Hill. Gerald Snelling 0121 243 4347; Burma Star B'ham branch: Meets first and third Thurs of month at 8pm at The Globe, Manchester St. Ron Hadley 0121 429 5748; Coldstream Guards Assn B'ham branch: Meets second Wed of month at 8.30pm at the Nautical Club, Bishopsgate St. Ron Groves 0121 628 8152; Fast Minelayers Assn, Northern Section: Contact Jim Calcraft 01562 67822; Fusilier Assn Sheldon branch: Meets last Wed of month at 8pm at the Royal British Legion, Clopton Crescent, Chelmsley Wood. Neil Gregory 0121 748 3007; Korean War Veterans Assn: Meets first Mon of month at 12 pm at The Newt, Stephenson Place. Peter Southwick 0121 779 3492; Malaya, Borneo and Far East Veterans: Meet last Thurs of month at 7.30pm at Forget-Me-Not Club, Tyburn Rd, Pype Hayes; Merchant Navy Assn (Midlands Branch): Meets last Thurs of month at 7.30pm at Railway Social Club, (Railway Museum) 670 Warwick Road, Tyseley; National Service Veterans Assn: Meets third Wed of month at Nautical Club (info 0121 689 1591) and first Fri of month at Halesowen Members Club, Hagley Rd (info 0121 477 7726); Nautical Club, Bishopsgate St: Tomorrow 11am committee meeting, 7pm dance and tombola' MOn closed; Wed 12pm Senior Rates, 7pm NSVA & Dunkirk Vets; Fri 11.45am Suez Vets; Parachute Regiment Assn and Airborne Forces: Meets first Wed of month at 12.30pm at the Bennett Pub, Bennets Hill, Birmingham. John Browning 0121 733 8502; RAOC Assn (B'ham branch): Meets first Wed of month at 7.30pm at the Forget Me Not Club, Tyburn Rd, Erdington. Info W Knight 01675 467731; RASC/RCT/RLC Assn (B'ham branch): Meets second Thurs of month at 8pm at Albany Social Club, Albany Rd. Info E Perks 0121 682 2929; RBL Chelmsley Wood branch: Meets third Wed of month, women's section every Wed at 8pm at RBL Club, Clopton Crescent, Chelmsley Wood. Info 0121 770 1793; RBL Shard End: Meets second and fourth Mon of month at 9pm. Info 0121 747 3922. Women's section chairperson Mrs N Tysall 0121 748 4184; RBL Soho & Winson Green branch: Meets second Sun of month at 12.15pm at Aston Comrades Club, Park Ave. Eric Marsh 0121 603 9710; Royal Naval Assn: Meets second Tues of month at Perry Common RBL, College Rd, Erdington. Info 0121 373 0820.

Royal Navy Veterans Assn: Meets every Thurs at 8pm at TS Sherbourne SCC Unit, Pershore Rd, Stirchley.

John Gordon 07879 456660; Royal Regt Fusiliers/Royal Warwickshire Regt: Meets first Sun of month at Old Contemptibles, Livery St. Alf Manders 0121 742 7184; Royal Signals Assn (B'ham branch): Meets last but one Tues of month at TAC, Golden Hillock Rd, Sparkbrook. George Hedge 0121 329 3041; Royal Signals Assn: meets last Fri of month at RBL club, Aldergate, Tamworth. Info Vee Moore 01827 69827, Sam Ellicott 01543 480829; Royal Tank Reg Assn/Royal Armoured Corps: Mick Westley 0121 453 4801; Suez Canal Zoners: Meets second Tues of month at 12pm Nautical Club, Bishopsgate St. Clive Dupree 0121 682 0316; Tamworth Fleet Air Arm Assn: Meets fourth Tues of month at 8pm at RNA, Victoria Road, Tamworth; Walsall branch Home Service Force Assn: Meets last Wed of month at 9pm at The Colebatch's Club, Bloxwich Rd, Leamore. Ron Challoner 01922 407081
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jul 16, 2011
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