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Ex-Maris employee says Anheuser survey reports inaccurate.

Associated Press--An ex-beer distributor employee testified that Anheuser Busch survey workers compiled thousands of inaccurate reports about Maris Distributing.

Greg Margerum said he was hired by the family of baseball legend Roger Maris to review the evaluations, telling jurors Wednesday that he didn't think the reports were "valid or reliable." Margerum used to own a South Florida beer distribution company.

Margerum claimed the evaluations showed interviews with people who did not exist and businesses that did not have licenses to sell alcohol. He also told the court about the so-called Adkins Plan, a 250-page document Maris family lawyers say A-B used as a formula to take over distributorships.

A-B attorney Peter Moll objected repeatedly to testimony about the document, but the judge let Margerum talk about the plan. Attorneys for the brewer were expected to cross-examine Margerum late last week.

The Marises are suing Anheuser Busch for $1.3 billion, saying the brewer defamed them by making up bad evaluations about their distributor ship. The family also claimed breach of contract for wrongfully taking away their business in 1997.

Anheuser-Busch attorneys say Maris Distributing had repeatedly violated the terms of its agreement by repack aging outdated beer, falsifying reports and having dirty warehouses. The distributorship was understaffed, workers were underpaid and retailers had complained about Maris since 1991, attorney Moll said.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:May 21, 2001
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