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Ex-BF and BFF.

My boyfriend and I broke up about four months ago. I'm pretty sure my BFF now has feelings for him. She constantly flirts with him and ignores me whenever he's around. I still have lots of feelings for this guy. I've tried talking to my friend about this, but she blows me off. Is she still my friend?

Dear Ex-BF and BFF,

Well, that stinks, doesn't it? Good thing the world isn't just three people. It's definitely time to say hi to new guys and reach out to new girls. I hope you two can salvage your friendship and, in her defense, this boy is no longer your BF. Still, you deserve a friendlier friend. Cast your net a little wider and give someone a compliment in a class or volunteer for something fun. And next time a cute guy catches your eye, actually say hi. Sometimes that's all it takes, especially at a Valentine's dance or spring break party.

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Title Annotation:Dear Carol
Author:Weston, Carol
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Date:Feb 1, 2017
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