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Ex-'PBB' housemate Joshua Garcia could be show biz's next big thing.

Vince and Kath and James' star Joshua Garcia said he used his 'personal pain' to add depth to the character he convincingly portrays in that movie.

'I made use of my personal experiences to relate to Vince. I'm flattered that those who watched the movie liked my performance. Playing Vince wasn't easy. There were also scenes that I had to retake because our director (Theodore Boborol) wasn't satisfied with how I delivered them,' Joshua shared with the Inquirer.

'Vince and I are similar because we're both makulit and torpe,' said the former PBB teen housemate.

But the similarities do not end there.

Ina Raymundo, who plays his mother in the film, described her relationship with Joshua's character as 'very difficult.'

The actress explained in a separate interview: 'In the film, he is my son out of wedlock. Despite this, my husband still accepted Vince on the condition that he does not stay in the house with us. While growing up, somebody else took care of Vince-my sister, who is also the mom of James (Ronnie Alonte). The conflict is there. Vince wants to be with me all the time, but that isn't possible.'

In real life, Joshua grew up in the care of his Uncle Jess, who is a priest. The latter became Joshua's guardian since the boy's parents separated some 10 years ago.

'I can relate to Vince's unique relationship with his mom,' Joshua said. 'It's not that his mom doesn't want to see him. Her reasons are valid-just like my mom's.'

Reconnecting relatives

Asked if some of his relatives have tried to reconnect with him now that he is popular, Joshua said he'd rather not say. 'I want that to remain private. I'm open to communicating with them. After all, they're still my family,' he pointed out.

Joshua said he would always follow the lessons his Uncle Jess taught him. 'Always be humble and down-to-earth-

he'd remind me even when I still wasn't part of show biz. He also said I should be kind and respectful, especially to those who are older.'

'Vince and Kath and James,' which also features Julia Barretto (Kath) and Ronnie Alonte, is an official entry in the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival, which ends today. It is inspired by the hit online romantic series, 'Vince and Kath.'

The central plot revolves around the courtship of Vince and Kath as seen through their text messages. The movie adaptation gives their story a twist with the addition of James.

Unofficial reports show that the Star Cinema-produced film is the box-office top earner during the festival's first three days. Some netizens posted mostly rave reviews on Joshua's portrayal.

The actor said the most memorable comments for him were those that compared him to award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz. 'He is my idol. While I'm happy to be compared to him, this also adds pressure to me as an actor. I am afraid not to meet people's high expectations. I told myself that I'm already happy if I'd achieve at least one-fourth of what John Lloyd had accomplished,' Joshua stressed.

The 19-year-old actor will henceforth be paired with Julia. Their on-screen partnership will be dubbed JoshLia, he reported. 'This is it! I hope Julia and I will continue to keep the audience happy. I want to be able to work on a lot of projects with her,' he said.

Contrary to rumors that Julia is 'difficult' to work with, the actor said 'she's a hard worker and is very professional. She is also an intelligent actress.'

Joshua added: 'Last Christmas, I watched the movie with her and her entire family. They're very nice to me. I'm picky when it comes to friends I hang out with. That should be enough proof that Julia is a good person.'

Joshua's partnership with Loisa Andalio, his 'Nassan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita' costar and 'PBB' housemate, also has a large following.

The actor insisted that Loisa 'remains one of my best friends-that will never change. In fact, she has already seen the film and congratulated me for its success.'
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Jan 3, 2017
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