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Ex troubled by party politics; ask anna The answer to your problems.

Byline: Anna

QMY family cannot understand why my ex-wife and I can't live together if we're still such good friends.

We enjoy long phone chats about the kids and even confide in each other about our dates and new relationships.

But after six years of marriage we drifted apart and split. When we lived together we just bickered, lost patience with each other and rowed all the time. Living apart, we can hang up the phone or say goodbye and close the door when we start rattling each other's cages. But she suddenly got all frosty when I told her that next time the kids came over, I'd throw a party to introduce them to my new partner. She said I should cool it, at least until after Christmas. But the kids are spending Christmas with me and although I haven't yet told my ex, I want my new partner to be part of that. Is my ex just jealous? PAUL, Wolverhampton APERHAPS just a little, Paul. Most of us remain insecure and immature enough to yearn to be loved the most, which explains resentment that even rejected lovers have fallen for someone else. That's why your ex may be more concerned that you're rushing things too much, for the children's sake. It would be better if they first met casually, without a drum-roll introduction.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 29, 2009
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