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Ex EU Commissioner: Bulgaria Blundered by Blocking Macedonia's EU Talks Date.

The Bulgarian state has made a mistake by declaring itself against the setting of a date for the start of Macedonia's EU accession talks, according Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's former EU Commissioner and chairperson of the Bulgaria for Citizens Movement.

"Bulgaria missed an extraordinary opportunity to defend its position towards Macedonia via the European Union," Kuneva commented for (Sofia News Agency) and the Bulgarian government's decision to oppose the setting of a date for Macedonia's beginning of negotiations for EU membership.

"We were given the chance to openly state our requirements, give our approval and monitor the progress and fulfillment of these requirements, which would have been the most efficient manner to achieve our goals," added the first Bulgarian EU Commissioner and former negotiator for Bulgaria's EU entry.

Kuneva is concerned the Borisov Cabinet's policy towards its neighbor "could cause a crises between the two countries".

Meglena Kuneva believes that Bulgaria has made a mistake, as there already is a Greek "veto" on Macedonia over the two nation's so called "name dispute".

"With this weeks decision of ruling party GERB, the absolutely unacceptable rhetoric from the Macedonian side will not cease, but will strengthen further," commented Kuneva.

"A foreign policy matter has been used for domestic purposes. GERB are trying to mobilize the nationalist voters and gain their sympathies. In the future, however, no one will remember that PM Borissov has "stopped" Macedonia from entering the EU, people will rather say, "Bulgaria stopped us". This is irresponsible. No one raises the issue of what will happen with the Bulgarian companies and investments that are operating within Macedonia," the former EU Commissioned said.

"I can only add that I fully agree with President Zhelev, who plainly said : "that is not the way things should be done," she elaborated.
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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Dec 13, 2012
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