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Articles from Evolution (October 1, 1997)

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Advantages of multiple matings to females: a test of the infertility hypothesis using lizards. Olsson, Mats; Shine, Richard 3568
Anther-smut disease in Silene dioica: variation in susceptibility among genotypes and populations, and patterns of disease within populations. Carlsson-Graner, Ulla 8257
Comparative patterns of craniofacial development in Eutherian and Metatherian mammals. Smith, Kathleen K. 13347
Correlated rates of molecular and morphological evolution. Omland, Kevin E. 7313
Developmental speed and larval survival. Chippindale, Adam K.; Alipaz, Julie A.; Chen, Hsiao-Wei; Rose, Michael R. 11302
Differential survival of sexual and asexual Poeciliopsis during environmental stress. Vrijenhoek, Robert C.; Pfeiler, Edward 6079
Effects of pollen quantity on progeny vigor: evidence from the dessert mustard Lesquerella fendleri. Mitchell, Randall 4142
Examining two standard assumptions of ancestral reconstructions: repeated loss of dichromatism in dabbling ducks (Anatini). Omland, Kevin E. 7268
Experimental manipulation of putative selective agents provides evidence for the role of natural enemies in the evolution of plant defense. Mauricio, Rodney; Rausher, Mark D. 7788
Gene effects on a quantitative trait: two-locus epistatic effects measured at microsatellite markers and at estimated QTL. Routman, Eric J.; Cheverud, James M. 6936
Generalists, specialists, and the evolution of phenotypic plasticity in sympatric populations of distinct species. Tienderen, Peter H. van 6071
Genetic effects of germination timing and environment: an experimental investigation. Gabin, Robert J.; Evans, Ann S.; Mitchell, Randall J. 5692
Genetic fingerprint-inferred population subdivision and spatial genetic tests for isolation by distance and adaptation in the coastal plant Limonium carolinianum. Hamilton, Matthew B. 9253
Genetics of resistance of Salix sericea to a diverse community of herbivores. Roche, Bernadette M.; Fritz, Robert S. 6460
Hybridization studies on the host races of Eurosta solidaginis: implications for sympatric speciation. Craig, Timothy P.; Horner, John D.; Itami, Joanne K. 7107
Inbreeding depression under joint selfing, outcrossing, and asexuality. Muirhead, Christina A.; Lande, Russell 4588
Interacting phenotypes and the evolutionary process: I. Direct and indirect genetic effects of social interactions. Moore, Allen J.; Brodie, Edmund D., III; Wolf, Jason B. 8690
Maternal ancestry of the Rutilus alburnoides complex (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) as determined by analysis of cytochrome b sequences. Alves, M.J.; Coelho, M.M.; Collares-Pereira, M.J.; Dowling, T.E. 5667
Molecular Evolution. Brookfield, John F.Y. Book Review 3095
Mutation and extinction: the role of variable mutational effects synergistic epistasis, beneficial mutations, and degree of outcrossing. Schultz, Stewart T.; Lynch, Michael 6731
North American black bear mtDNA phylogeography: implications for morphology and the Haida Gwaii glacial refugium controversy. Byun, S.A.; Koop, B.F.; Reimchen, T.E. 4478
Phylogeography of the sardines (Sardinops spp.): assessing biogeographic models and population histories in temperate upwelling zone Bowen, B.W.; Grant, W.S. 6780
Polygynandry in the dusky pipefish Syngnathus floridae revealed by microsatellite DNA markers. Jones, Adam G.; Avise, John C. 7276
Selection for native characters in hybrids between two locally adapted plant species. Nagy, Eric S. 9492
Significant role for historical effects in the evolution of reproductive isolation: evidence from patterns of introgression between the cyprinid fishes, Luxilus cornutus and Luxilus chrysocephalus. Dowling, Thomas E.; Broughton, Richard E.; DeMarais, Bruce D. 6335
Size-dependent asymmetry: fluctuating asymmetry versus antisymmetry and its relevance to condition-dependent signaling. Rowe, Locke; Repasky, Richard R.; Palmer, Richard 5744
Speciation and population genetic structure in tropical Pacific sea urchins. Palumbi, Stephen; Grabowsky, Gail; Duda, Thomas; Geyer, Laura; Tachino, Nicholas 7217
Stabilizing selection and the comparative analysis of adaptation. Hansen, Thomas F. 10046
Test of interaction between genetic markers that affect fitness in Aspergillus niger. Visser, J.A.G.M. de; Hoekstra, Rolf F. 5394
Testing for unequal amounts of evolution in a continuous character on different branches of a phylogenetic tree using linear and squared-change parsimony: an example using Lesser Antillean Anolis lizards. Butler, Marguerite A.; Losos, Jonathan B. 7096
The effect of inflorescence size on male fitness: experimental tests in the andromonoecious lily, Zigadenus paniculatus. Emms, S.K.; Stratton, D.A.; Snow, A.A. 7524
The effect of temperature on body size and fecundity in female Drosophila melanogaster: evidence for adaptive plasticity. Nunney, Leonard; Cheung, Warren 5044
The influence of self-fertilization and population dynamics on the genetic structure of subdivided populations: a case study using microsatellite markers in the freshwater snail Bulinus truncatus. Viard, F.; Justy F.; Jarne, P. 8307
The Origin and Evolution of Birds. Sereno, Paul C. Book Review 1573
The Pontia daplidice-edusa hybrid zone in northwestern Italy. Porter, Adam H.; Wenger, Remo; Geiger, Hansjurg; Scholl, Adolf; Shapiro, Arthur M. 10733
Unpredictability of correlated response to selection: linkage and initial frequency also matter. Lascoux, Martin 4923
Variation in seed characters in Nemophila menziesii: evidence of a genetic basis for maternal effect. Byers, Diane L.; Platenkamp, Gerrit A.J.; Shaw, Ruth G. 9861

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