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Articles from Evolution (June 1, 1996)

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A marker-based method for inferences about quantitative inheritance in natural populations. Ritland, Kermit 9899
Acclimation, cross-generation effects, and the response to selection for increased cold resistance in Drosophila. Watson, Marcus J.O.; Hoffmann, Ary A. 6110
Adaptation and constraint in the evolution of the physiology and behavior of the Namib desert tenebrionid beetle genus Onymacris. Ward, David; Seely, Mary K. 7469
Adaptation to fine-grained environmental variation: an analysis of within-individual leaf variation in an annual plant. Winn, Alice A. 5294
Adaptation to heavy metals in the aquatic oligochaete Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri: evidence for control by one gene. Martinez, Daniel E.; Levinton, Jeffrey 2797
Androgenetics and triploids from an interacting parthenogenetic hybrid and its ancestors in stick insects. Tinti, Fausto; Scali, Valerio 4847
Artificial selection on horn length-body size allometry in the horned beetle Onthopagus acuminatus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Emlen, Douglas J. 7169
Bergmann size clines: a simple explanation for their occurrence in ectotherms. Van Voorhies, Wayne A. 4251
Complex adaptations and the evolution of evolvability. Wagner, Gunter P.; Altenberg, Lee 7582
Contrasting the underlying patterns of active trends in morphologic evolution. Wagner, Peter J. 10119
Corrigendum. Correction Notice 257
Costs of reproduction in the wild: path analysis of natural selection and experimental tests of causation. Sinervo, Barry; DeNardo, Dale F. 9967
Demographic genetics of a pioneer tropical tree species: patch dynamics, seed dispersal, and seed banks. Alvarez-Buylla, Elena R.; Chaos, Alvaro; Pinero, Daniel; Garay, Adriana A. 8048
Dependence of gene flow on geographic distance in two solitary corals with different larval dispersal capabilities. Hellberg, Michael E. 6011
Developmental buffering and selection. Vogl, Claus 2095
Does evolutionary plasticity evolve? Wagner, Andreas 12428
Drought stress and inbreeding depression in Lychnis flos-cuculi (Caryophyllaceae). Hauser, Thure P.; Loeschcke, Volker 4903
Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on population fragmentation in three species of North American minnows (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Tibbets, C. Alana; Dowling, Thomas E. 7773
Environment-dependence of quantitative genetic parameters in Impatiens pallida. Bennington, Cynthia C.; McGraw, James B. 11070
Epistasis as a source of increased addictive genetic variance at population bottlenecks. Cheverud, James M.; Routman, Eric J. 6999
Evidence for sympatric genetic divergence of anadromous and nonadromous morphs of sockeye salmon (Onchorhynchus nerka). Wood, Chris C.; Foote, Chris J. 10559
Evolutionary potential and local genetic differentiation in a phenotypically plastic trait of a cyclical parthenogen, Daphnia magna. Meester, Luc de 4588
Genetic constraints to life-history evolution in the pitcher-plant mosquito, Wyeomyia smithii. Bradshaw, William E.; Holzapfel, Christina M. 4805
Inferences about quantitative inheritance based on natural population structure in the yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus guttatus. Ritland, Kermit; Ritland, Carol 5669
Interactive effects of offspring size and timing of reproduction on offspring reproduction: experimental, maternal, and quantitative genetic aspects. Sinervo, Barry; Doughty, Paul 11361
Intraspecific chloroplast DNA variation and biogeography of North American Liriodendron L. (Magnoliaceae). Sewell, Mitchell M.; Parks, Clifford R.; Chase, Mark W. 4204
Maintenance of polygenic variation via a migration-selection balance under uniform selection. Phillips, Patrick C. 4199
On phase three of the shifting-balance theory. Gavrilets, Sergey 6153
Paternal genotype influences incubation period, offspring size, and offspring shape in an oviparous reptile. Olsson, Mats; Gullberg, Annica; Shine, Richard; Madsen, Thomas; Tegelstrom, Hakan 4829
Quantitative genetic and optimality analyses of life-history plasticity in the eastern mosquitofish, Gambusia holbrooki. Weeks, Stephen C.; Meffe, Gary K. 5652
Reaction norms for age and size at maturity in Lasiommata butterflies: predictions and tests. Nylin, Soren; Gotthard, Karl; Wiklund, Christer 5071
Selection through lifetime female fitness. Conner, Jeffrey K.; Rush, Scott; Jennetten, Peter 7495
Selection through lifetime male and total fitness. Conner, Jeffrey K.; Rush, Scott; Kercher, Suzanne; Jennetten, Peter 6385
Sex-specific costs of resistance to the fungal pathogen Ustilago violacea (Microbotryum violaceum) in Silene alba. Biere, Arjen; Antonovics, Janis 8710
Temporal changes in chromosomal polymorphism of Drosophila subobscura related to climatic changes. Orengo, Dorcas-J.; Prevosti, Antonio 3583
The effect of coexistence on competitive outcome in Tribolium castaneum and Tribolium confusum. Goodnight, Charles J.; Craig, David M. 7649
The effects of predation on the age and size of maturity of prey. Abrams, Peter A.; Rowe, Locke 10777
The evolution of asymmetry in sexual isolation: a model and a test case. Arnold, Stevan J.; Verrell, Paul A.; Tilley, Stephen G. 7515
The response to selection for fast larval development in Drosophila melanogaster and its effect on adult weight: an example of a fitness trade-off. Nunney, Leonard 8882
Topiary pruning and weighting reinforce an African origin for the human mitochondrial DNA tree. Wills, Christopher 7661
Within- and between-generation effects of temperature on the morphology and physiology of Drosophila melanogaster. Crill, Wayne D.; Huey, Raymond B.; Gilchrist, George W. 9431

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