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Articles from Evolution (February 1, 1996)

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A trade-off for host plant utilization in the black bean aphid, Aphis fabae. Mackenzie, Aulay 5279
Adaptation of Escherichia coli at a niche boundary. Mongold, Judith A.; Bennett, Albert F.; Lenski, Richard E. 5417
Allozyme diversity and genetic identity in Schiedea and Alsinidendron (Caryophyllaceae: Alsinoideae) in the Hawaiian Islands. Weller, Stephen G.; Sakai, Ann K.; Straub, Christina 7419
Comparative phylogeography in North American birds. Zink, Robert M. 6486
Computer-simulated shell size and shape variation in the Caribbean land snail genus Cerion: a test of geometrical constraints. Stone, Jonathon Richard 3408
Conducting phylogenetic comparative studies when the phylogeny is not known. Martins, Emilia P. 9269
Darwin's Dangerous Idea. Orr, H. Allen Book Review 5388
Developmental stability in leaves of Clarkia tembloriensis (Onagraceae) as related to population outcrossing rates and heterozygosity. Sherry, Rebecca A.; Lord, Elizabeth M. 7426
Differing selection on plant physiological traits in response to environmental water availability: a test of adaptive hypotheses. Dudley, Susan A. 7746
Ecological determinants and genetic consequences. Banschbach, Valerie S.; Herbers, Joan M. 8126
Evolution of broad and specific competitive ability in novel versus familiar environments in Drosophila species. Joshi, Amitabh; Thompson, John N. 4092
Evolution of the magnitude and timing of inbreeding depression in plants. Husband, Brian C.; Schemske, Douglas W. 9971
Evolutionary loss of larval feeding: development, form and function in a facultatively feeding larva, Brisaster latifrons. Hart, Michael W. 9748
Fertility selection on a discrete floral polymorphism in Clarkia (Onagraceae). Jones, Kristina Niovi 7415
Genetic constraints on life-history evolution: quantitative-trait loci influencing growth and flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mitchell-Olds, Thomas 4573
Genetics of mimicry in the tiger swallowtail butterflies, Papilio glaucus and P. canadensis (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) Scriber, J. Mark; Hagen, Robert H.; Lederhouse, Robert C. 7904
Geographical variation in the inbreeding depression of Scots pine. Karkkainen, Katri; Koski, Veikko; Savolainen, Outi 6790
Global mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of holarctic breeding dunlins (Calidris alpina). Wenink, Paul W.; Baker, Allan J.; Rosner, Hans-Ulrich; Tilanus, Marcel G.J. 7650
Heritability of wing length in nature for the milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus. Groeters, Francis R.; Dingle, Hugh 4751
Locomotor modules and the evolution of avian flight. Gatesy, Stephen M.; Dial, Kenneth P. 5283
Molecular genetic evidence for parallel life-history evolution within a Pacific salmon (sockeye salmon and kokanee, Oncorhynchus Nerka). Taylor, Eric B.; Foote, Chris J.; Wood, C.C. 9336
Morphometrics and cladistics: measuring phylogeny in the sea urchin Echinocardium. David, Bruno; Laurin, Bernard 7048
Nestmate relatedness in a communal bee, Perdita texana (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae), based on DNA fingerprinting. Danforth, Bryan N.; Neff, John L.; Barretto-Ko, Percival 5689
Non-Neutral Evolution. Berry, A. Book Review 5024
Nonrandom genotypic associations in a legume - Bradyrhizobium mutualism. Spoerke, Jill M.; Wilkinson, Heather H.; Parker, Matthew A. 6535
On the assignment of fitness values in statistical analyses of selection. Brodie, Edmund D., III; Janzen, Fredric J. 4171
Parallel race formation and the evolution of mimicry in Heliconius butterflies: a phylogenetic hypothesis from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Brower, Andrew V.Z. 13198
Parental effects on progeny phenotype in plants: distinguishing genetic and environmental causes. Mazer, Susan J.; Gorchov, David L. 9014
Perspective: evolutionary patterns in the fossil record. Foote, Mike 8909
Phenotypic plasticity in an intertidal snail: the role of a common crab predator. Trussell, Geoffrey C. 3926
Polygenic inheritance of a behavioral phenotype: interspecific genetics of song in the Hawaiian cricket genus Laupala. Shaw, Kerry L. 6992
Population structure and morph-specific fitness differences in tristylous Lythrum salicaria. Agren, Jon; Ericson, Lars 9565
Postglacial range fluctuation, genetic subdivision and speciation in the western North American spotted frog complex, Rana pretiosa. Green, David M.; Sharbel, Timothy F.; Kearsley, Jennifer; Kaiser, Hinrich 7379
Presumptive rapid speciation after a founder event in a laboratory population of Nereis: allozyme electrophoretic evidence does not support the hypothesis. Rodriguez-Trelles, Francisco; Weinberg, James R.; Ayala, Francisco J. 3652
Rates of floral evolution: adaptation to bumblebee pollination in an alpine wildflower, Polemonium viscosum. Galen, Candace 4602
Reproduction, queen-worker conflict, and levels of selection. Banschbach, Valerie S.; Herbers, Joan M. 6401
Resource-associated population subdivision in a symbiotic coral-reef shrimp. Duffy, J. Emmett 9261
Sequential radiations and patterns of speciation in the Hawaiian cricket genus Laupala inferred from DNA sequences. Shaw, Kerry L. 8533
Short-term evolution in the size and shape of pea aphids. Via, Sara; Shaw, Alison J. 7257
Temporal variation in mitochondrial DNA haplotype frequencies in a brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) population that shows stability in nuclear allele frequencies. Hansen, Michael M.; Loeschcke, Volker 2424
The effect of a variable environment on the genetic correlation structure in a field cricket. Simons, Andrew M.; Roff, Derek A. 6540
The evolution of oviparity with egg guarding and viviparity in lizards and snakes: a phylogenetic analysis. de Fraipont, M.; Clobert, J.; Barbault, R. 6211
The polytypic species revisited: genetic differentiation and molecular phylogenetics of the tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum (Amphibia: caudata) complex. Shaffer, H. Bradley; McKnight, Mark L. 9112
The response to differing selection on plant physiological traits: evidence for local adaptation. Dudley, Susan A. 6069
The role of genetic variation in adaptation and population persistence in a changing environment. Lande, Russell; Shannon, Susan 3064

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