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Articles from Evolution (August 1, 1996)

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A quantitative genetic analysis of thermal sensitivity in the locomotor performance curve of Aphidius ervi. Gilchrist, George W. 11323
Cleavage patterns and mesentoblast formation in the Gastropoda: an evolutionary perspective. Biggelaar, Jo A.M. van den; Haszprunar, G. 11552
Correlated evolution of self-fertilization and inbreeding depression: an experimental study of nine populations of Amsinckia (Boraginaceae). Johnston, Mark O.; Schoen, Daniel J. 9354
Cytonuclear disequilibria in hybrid zones using RAPD markers. Dean, Robin; Arnold, Jonathan 3195
Differential mortality as a mechanism for natural selection. Reznick, David N.; Butler, Mark J.; Rodd, F. Helen; Ross, Patrick 8336
Diploid selection for an additive trait. Korol, Abraham B.; Kirzhner, Valery M.; Ronin, Yeafim I.; Nevo, Eviatar 10221
Divergence in symbiotic compatibility in a legume - Bradyrhizobium mutualism. Wilkinson, Heather H.; Spoerke, Jill M.; Parker, Matthew A. 5374
Do phylogenetic methods produce trees with biased shapes? Huelsenbeck, John P.; Kirkpatrick, Mark 4037
Evolution of floral traits in a hermaphroditic plant: field measurements of heritabilities and genetic correlations. Campbell, Diane R. 10749
Evolution of the Genetic Code. Gillespie, John H. Book Review 1261
Female mate discrimination or male responses to female stimulation? Cobb, Matthew; Ferveur, Jean-Francois 1610
Fixation probabilities of selfing rate modifiers in simulations with several deleterious alleles with linkage. Damgaard, Christian 4048
Genetic drift and founder effect in native versus introduced populations of an invading plant, Lythrum salicaria (Lythraceae). Eckert, Christopher G.; Manicacci, Domenica; Barrett, Spencer C.H. 6034
Genetic structure of coexisting sexual and clonal subpopulations in a freshwater snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum). Fox, Jennifer A.; Dybdahl, Mark F.; Jokela, Jukka; Lively, Curtis M. 6105
Geologically dated sea barriers calibrate a protein clock for Aegean water frogs. Beerli, Peter; Hotz, Hansjurg; Uzzell, Thomas 6425
Historical diversification of birds in northwestern South America: a molecular perspective on the role of vicariant events. Brumfield, Robb T.; Capparella, A.P. 12971
Indirect mate choice, competition for mates, and coevolution of the sexes. Wiley, R. Haven; Poston, Joe 9729
Measures of phenotypic selection are biased by partial inbreeding. Willis, John H. 9663
Metabolic and digestive responses to artificial selection in chickens. Jackson, Sue; Diamond, Jared 6919
Microgeographic patterns of genetic and morphological variation in Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis). Freeman-Gallant, Corey R. 4219
Mutual mate choice and sex differences in choosiness. Johnstone, Rufus A.; Reynolds, John D.; Deutsch, James C. 6660
Phenotypic selection by parasitoids on the timing of life history in a leafmining moth. McGregor, Robert 4831
Postmating reproductive isolation between Chrysopa quadripunctata and Chrysopa slossonae: mechanisms and geographic variation. Albuquerque, Gilberto S.; Tauber, Catherine A.; Tauber, Maurice J. 5467
Problems with testing inbreeding avoidance: the case of the collared flycatcher. Part, Tomas 5443
Quantitative genetics of sprint running speed and swimming endurance in laboratory house mice (Mus domesticus). Dohm, Michael R.; Hayes, Jack P.; Garland, Theodore, Jr. 11443
Quantitative genetics of the wing color pattern in the buckeye butterfly (Precis coenia and Precis evarete): evidence against the constancy of G. Paulsen, Susan M. 8941
Reconstruction of the evolution of reproductive characters in Pontederiaceae using phylogenetic evidence from chloroplast DNA restriction-site variation. Kohn, Joshua R.; Graham, Sean W.; Morton, Brian; Doyle, Jeff J.; Barrett, Spencer C.H. 10187
Reply to: female mate discrimination or male responses to female stimulation? Scott, David 2896
Sexual selection and the evolution of sexual size dimorphism in the water strider, Aquarius remigis. Fairbairn, Daphne J.; Preziosi, Richard 10301
Stabilizing selection detected for bristle number in Drosophila melanogaster. Garcia-Dorado, Aurora; Gonzalez, Jorge A. 5320
Testing cold fusion of phyla: maternity in a tunicate x sea urchin hybrid determined from DNA comparisons. Hart, Michael W. 3331
Testing historical hypotheses of morphological change: biomechanical decoupling in Loricarioid catfishes. Schaefer, Scott A.; Lauder, George V. 9804
The effect of sex on the variance in fitness and mean fitness. Silva, Jack da; Bell, Graham 6382
The evolution of genetic correlations: an analysis of patterns. Roff, Derek A. 9133
Translating between microevolutionary process and macroevolutionary patterns: the correlation structure of interspecific data. Hansen, Thomas F.; Martins, Emilia P. 12034
Two herbivores and constraints on selection for resistance in Brassica rapa. Pilson, Diana 7518

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