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Articles from Evolution (April 1, 1995)

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An empirical test of predictions of two competing models for the maintenance and fate of hybrid zones: both models are supported in a hard-clam hybrid zone. Bert, Theresa M.; Arnold, William S. 9059
Asynchrony of infection timing, habitat preference, and sympatric speciation of Schistosome parasites. Theron, Andre; Combes, Claude 2391
Clutch size and egg size in free-living and parasitic copepods: a comparative analysis. Poulin, Robert 7496
Estimating effective population size: a reply to Nunney. Husband, Brian C.; Barrett, Spencer C.H. 2250
Estimating selection on quantitative traits using capture-recapture data. Kingsolver, Joel G.; Smith, Steven G. 3724
Inbreeding depression in morphological and physiological traits of Schiedea lydgatei (Caryophyllaceae) in two environments. Norman, Joanna K.; Sakai, Ann K.; Weller, Stephen G.; Dawson, Todd E. 6841
Lifetime estimates of biparental inbreeding depression in the self-incompatible annual plant Raphanus sativus. Nason, John D.; Ellstrand, Norman C. 8398
Measuring the ratio of effective population size to adult numbers using genetic and ecological data. Nunney, Leonard 3157
Mitchondrial DNA variation in the fungus Atkinsonella hypoxylon infecting sympatric Danthonia grasses. Horn, Randall Van; Clay, Keith 7644
New perspectives on comparative tests of antagonistic pleiotropy using Drosophila. Promislow, Daniel E.L. 2484
Phenotypic plasticity and the maintenance of genetic variation. Cheetham, Alan H.; Jackson, Jeremy B.C.; Hayek, Lee-Ann C. 4687
Phenotypic selection in an artificial population of Impatiens pallida: the importance of the invisible fraction. Bennington, Cynthia C.; McGraw, James B. 5874
Population structure, local mate competition and sex-allocation pattern in the ant Messor aciculatus. Hasegawa, Eisuke; Yamaguchi, Takeshi 4484
Predicting microevolutionary responses to directional selection on heritable variation. Grant, Peter R.; Grant, B. Rosemary 10448
Probabilistic optimization of body size: a discrepancy between genetic and phenotypic optima. Yoshimura, Jin; Shields, William M. 2948
Repeated reversals of host-preference evolution in a specialist insect herbivore. Radtkey, Ray R.; Singer, Michael C. 5616
Spatial population structure in the whirligig beetle Dineutus assimilis: evolutionary inferences based on mitochondrial DNA and field data. Nurnberger, Beate; Harrison, Richard G. 6941
The evolutionary stable phenotype distribution in a random environment. Sasaki, Akira; Ellner, Stephen 10654
The founding of a new population of Darwin's finches. Grant, Peter R.; Grant, B. Rosemary 10153
Tree balance and tree completeness. Mooers, Arne Oyvind 5509
Variance-induced peak shifts. Whitlock, Michael C. 6230

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