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Articles from Evolution (February 1, 1993)

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A model of inducible defense. Frank, Steven A. 1413
A product of discriminative learning may lead to female preferences for elaborate males. Weary, D.M.; Guilford, T.C.; Weisman, R.G. 2383
A quantitative genetic analysis of oviposition preference and larval performance on two hosts in the bruchid beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus. Fox, Charles W. 5088
Adaptive radiation and the topology of large phylogenies. Guyer, Craig; Slowinski, Joseph B. 6256
Adaptive significance of Ipomopsis aggregata nectar production: observation and experiment in the field. Mitchell, Randall J. 5965
Developmental selection in response to environmental conditions of the maternal parent in Mimulus guttatus. Searcy, Karen B.; Macnair, Mark R. 6368
Differential avoidance of coral snake banded patterns by free-ranging avian predators in Costa Rica. Brodie, Edmund D., III 4773
Direct and indirect estimates of neighborhood and effective population size in a tropical palm, Astrocaryum mexicanum. Eguiarte, Luis E.; Burquez, Alberto; Rodriguez, Jorge; Martinez-Ramos, Miguel; Sarukhan, Jose; Piner 8133
Evolutionary adaptation to temperature: II. Thermal niches of experimental lines of Escherichia coli. Bennet, Albert F.; Lenski, Richard E. 6303
Examination of population structure in red-cockaded woodpeckers using DNA profiles. Haig, Susan M.; Belthoff, James R.; Allen, David H. 5011
Flight capabilities in Archaeopteryx. Speakman, J.R. 2440
Heritability of host plant resistance to herbivory changes with gallmidge density during an outbreak on willow. Strong, Donald R.; Larsson, Stig; Gullberg, Urban 4648
Host preference and allozyme differentiation in shoot galling sawfly, Euura atra. Roininen, Heikki; Vuorinen, Jukka; Tahvanainen, Jorma; Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta 4359
Isolation by distance in equilibrium and non-equilibrium populations. Slatkin, Montgomery 7766
Larval dispersal and local adaptation in acorn barnacles. Bertness, Mark D.; Gaines, Steven D. 3288
Origins of genotypic variation in North American dandelions inferred from ribosomal DNA and chloroplast DNA restriction enzyme analysis. King, Lynn Mertens 5758
Outcrossing rate and inbreeding depression in two annual monoecious herbs, Begonia hirsuta and B. semiovata. Agren, Jon; Schemske, Douglas W. 6345
Patterns and levels of pollen-mediated gene flow in Lathyrus latifolius. Godt, Mary Jo W.; Hamrick, J.L. 7808
Patterns of mtDNA genetic divergence. Gill, Frank B.; Mostrom, Alison M.; Mack, Andrew L. 6642
Patterns of rust infection as a function of host genetic diversity and host density in natural populations of the apomictic crucifer, Arabis holboellii. Roy, B.A. 6239
Peak shifts produced by correlated response to selection. Price, Trevor; Turelli, Michael; Slatkin, Montgomery 5949
Phenotypic plasticity in body sizes and sexual size dimorphism in European grass snakes. Madsen, Thomas; Shine, Richard 2993
Phylogeny and the reversibility of parasitism. Siddall, Mark; Brooks, Daniel; Desser, Sherwin 2270
Plastic relationships between reproductive and vegetative mass in Solidago altissima. Schmid, Bernhard; Weiner, Jacob 6907
Pre-adaptation of Yorkshire fog, Holcus lanatus l. (poaceae) to arsenate tolerance. Meharg, Andrew A.; Cumbes, Quinton J.; Macnair, Mark 2274
Quantitative genetics of size and phenology of life-history traits in Chamaecrista fasciculata. Kelly, Carol A. 5341
Responses and correlated responses to artificial selection on thorax length in Drosophila melanogaster. Partridge, Linda; Fowler, Kevin 7388
Reversibility in evolution: a maximum likelihood approach to character gain/loss bias in phylogenies. Sanderson, Michael J. 9473
The "general vigor" problem: can antagonistic pleiotropy be detected when genetic covariances are positive? Fry, James D. 5161
The developmental role of the extracellular matrix suggests a monophyletic origin of the kingdom Animalia. Morris, Paul J. 8123
The effects of host-plant genotype, hybridization, and environment on gall-aphid attack and survival in cottonwood: the importance of genetic studies and the utility of RFLPs. Paige, Ken N.; Capman, William C. 4787
The usefulness of behavior for phylogeny estimation: levels of homoplasy in behavioral and morphological characters. Queiroz, Alan de; Wimberger, Peter H. 8271

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