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Articles from Evolution (August 1, 1993)

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Badge size, phenotypic quality, and reproductive success in the house sparrow: a study on honest advertisement. Veiga, Jose P. 6186
Cost of reproduction in Polemonium viscosum: phenotypic and genetic approaches. Galen, Candace 3785
Diversity and uniformity in genotypic norms of reaction to light. Sultan, S.E.; Bazzaz, F.A. 10859
Female reproductive effort depends on the degree of ornamentation of their mates. de Lope, F.; Moller, A.P. 5589
Genetic variability and population differentiation inferred from DNA fingerprinting in silvereyes (Aves: Zosteropidae). Degnan, Sandie M. 6847
Genetic variation for stress resistance and species borders. Blows, Mark W.; Hoffman, Ary A. 9577
Genotypic variation and clonal structure in coral populations with different disturbance histories. Hunter, Cynthia L. 7146
Hybrid breakdown in fitness components as a correlated response to selection for dessication resistance. Blows, Mark W. 6589
Mitochondrial gene genealogy and gene flow among island and mainland populations of a sedentary songbird, the grey-crowned babbler (Pomatostomus temporalis). Edwards, Scott V. 9018
Morphological evolution of the Drosophila virilis species group as assessed by rate tests for natural selection on quantitative characters. Spicer, Greg S. 9029
Norms of reaction to soil moisture and the maintenance of genetic diversity. Sultan, S.E.; Bazzaz, F.A. 7138
Phylogeographic patterns in coastal north American tiger beetles (Cicindela dorsalis Say) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Vogler, Alfried P.; DeSalle, Rob 4773
Pollen aperture polymorphism and gametophyte performance in Viola diversifolia. Dajoz, Isabelle; Till-Bottraud, Irene; Gouyon, Pierre-Henri 7378
Searching for evolutionary patterns in the shape of a phylogenetic tree. Kirkpatrick, Mark; Slatkin, Montgomery 5770
Spermatophore size in bushcrickets: comparative evidence for nuptial gifts as a sperm protection device. Wedell, Nina 5665
The effect of biased inclusion of taxa on the correlation between discrete characters in phylogenetic trees. Sillen-Tullberg, Birgitta 6035
The effects of population size and plant density on outcrossing rates in locally endangered Salvia pratensis. Treuren, R. van; Bijlsma, R.; Ouborg, N.J.; Delden, W. van 6626
The evolution of ecological breadth for nutrient environment. Sultan, S.E.; Brazzaz, F.A. 10315
The genetics and cost of chemical defense in the two-spot ladybird (Adalia bipunctata L.). Holloway, Graham J.; Jong, Peter W. de; Ottenheim, Mart 7863
The ontogeny of postcranial integration in the common tern, Sterna hirundo. Cane, W. Parker 8709

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