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Articles from Evolution (April 1, 1993)

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An application of the neutral model to the evolution of tail length in the genus Euplectes (Aves, Ploceidae) Savalli, Udo M. 2352
Are warning colors handicaps? Guilford, Tim; Dawkins, Marian Stamp 9018
Asymmetric competition in mixed populations of tadpoles of the hybridogenetic Rana esculenta complex. Semlitsch, Raymond D. 5239
Environmental and genetic maternal effects on seed characters in Nemophila menziesii. Platenkamp, Gerrit A.J.; Shaw, Ruth G. 7777
Evolution of social behavior in a resource-rich, structured environment: selection experiments with Medaka (Oryzias latipes). Ruzzante, Daniel E.; Doyle, Roger W. 8182
Evolutionary effects of selection on age at reproduction in larval and adult Drosophila melanogaster. Roper, Caroline; Pignatelli, Patricia; Partridge, Linda 6331
Founder-flush speciation in Drosophila pseudoobscura: a large-scale experiment. Galiana, Agusti; Moya, Andres; Ayala, Francisco J. 6499
Further evidence against meiotic-drive models of hybrid sterility. Coyne, Jerry A.; Orr, H. Allen 2109
Genetic variation and covariation for characteristics associated with cadmium tolerance in natural populations of the springtail Orchesella cincta (L.) Posthuma, Leo; Hogervorst, Rene F.; Joosse, Els N.G.; Van Straalen, Nico M. 7802
Hybrid zone dynamics are influenced by genotype-specific variation in life-history traits: experimental evidence from hybridizing Gambusia species. Scribner, Kim T. 7594
Inbreeding depression in Hydrophyllum appendiculatum: role of maternal effects, crowding, and parental mating history. Wolfe, Lorne M. 6525
Inbreeding depression in two Mimulus taxa measured by multigenerational changes in the inbreeding coefficient. Dole, Jefferey; Ritland, Kermit 7449
Laboratory evolution of longevity and reproductive fitness components in male fruit flies: mating ability. Service, Philip M. 6700
Macroevolutionary patterns of morphological diversification among parasitic fl atworms (platyhelminthes: Cercomeria) Brooks, Daniel R.; McLennan, Deborah A. 8477
Maternal inheritance of condition and clutch size in the collared flycatcher. Schluter, Dolph; Gustafsson, Lars 5704
Mitochondrial DNA in Gasterosteus and pleistocene glacial refugium on the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia. O'Reilly, P.; Reimchen, T.E.; Beech, R.; Strobeck, C. 4113
Nepotism in a solitary wasp as revealed by DNA fingerprinting. Pfennig, D.W.; Reeve, H.K. 3012
Patterns of phenotypic and genetic correlations among morphological and life-history traits in wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum. Conner, Jeffrey; Via, Sara 4601
Phenotypic correlation structure among elements of the color pattern in Precis coenia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) Paulsen, Susan M.; Nijhout, H. Frederick 7234
Quantitative genetics of shell form of an intertidal snail: constraints on short-term response to selection. Boulding, Elizabeth G.; Hay, Toby K. 10007
Sexual selection for increased male courtship and acoustic signals and against large male size at sharp-tailed grouse leks. Gratson, Michael W. 4296
Sexual selection in the barn swallow Hirundo rustica. III. Female tail ornaments. Moller, Anders Pape 7704
Species recognition and sexual selection as a unitary problem in animal communication. Ryan, Michael J.; Rand, A. Stanley 4750
Synergistic selection of unpalatability in plants. Tuomi, Juha; Augner, Magnus 3404
The accuracy of phylogenetic estimation using the neighbor-joining method. Kim, Junhyong; Rohlf, F. James; Sokal, Robert R. 7305
The effect of birth date on fitness of female dwarf perch, Micrometrus minimus (Perciformes: Embiotocidae) Schultz, Eric T. 12908
The molecular clock and the relationship between population size and generation time. Lin Chao; Carr, David E. 2265
The skeleton space: a finite set of organic designs. Thomas, R.D.K.; Reif, W.-E. 8109
Unidirectional cytoplasmic incompatibility in the mosquito, Aedes albopictus. Kambhampati, Srinivas; Rai, Karamjit S.; Burgun, Stephen J. 2886
Variation in environmental and genotypic sex-determining mechanisms across a latitudinal gradient in the fish, Menidia menidia. Lagomarsino, Irma V.; Conover, David O. 4884

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