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Articles from Evolution (December 1, 1992)

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A note on the inbreeding effective population size. Caballero, Armando; Hill, William G. 2090
Algae containing chlorophylls a + c are paraphyletic: molecular evolutionaryanalysis of the Chromophyta. Bhattacharya, Debashish; Medlin, Linda; Wainright, Patricia O.; Ariztia, Edgardo V.; Bibeau, Claude; 5699
Are trioecy and sexual liability in Atriplex canascens genetically based?: Evidence from clonal studies. McArthur, E. Durant; Freeman, D. Carl; Luckinbill, Leo S.; Sanderson, Stewart C.; Noller, Gary L. 7501
Balancing selection in a desert stream-dwelling fish, Poeciliopsis monacha. Vrijenhoek, Robert C.; Pfeiler, Edward; Wetherington, Jeffrey D. 7475
Comparative ontogeny of a wild cucurbit and its derived cultivar. Jones, Cynthia S. 9972
Comparison of quantitative genetic parameters. Cowley, David E.; Atchley, William R. 2117
Comparison of quantitative genetic parameters: reply to Cowley and Atchley. Shaw, Ruth G. 1999
Craniometric factor divergence in seven neotropical genera, with experimental results from Zygodontomys. Voss, Robert S.; Marcus, Leslie F. 6320
Effective population size and genetic drift in tristylous Eichhornia paniculata (Pontederiaceae). Husband, Brian C.; Barrett, SpencerC.H. 8939
Effects of progeny and size of the pollen load on progeny performance in Campanula americana. Richardson, Thomas E.; Stephenson, Andrew G. 5529
Evolution of sperm shortage in a selfing hermaphrodite. Barker, David M. 3541
Genetic and morphometric divergence in ancestral European and descendant NewZealand populations of chaffinches (fringilla coelebs). Baker, Allan J. 6464
Gynogenetic reproduction in hybrid mole salamanders (genus Ambystoma). Spolsky, Christina; Phillips, Christopher A.; Uzzell, Thomas 4509
Heteromorphism for a highly repeated sequence in the New Zealand frog Leiopelma hochstetteri. Zeyl, Clifford W.; Green, David M. 4132
Morphological variability and enzyme heterozygosity: individual and population level correlations. Yezerinac, Stephen M.; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Handford, Paul 3980
Optimum brood size: tests of alternative hypothesis. Morris, Douglas W. 8175
Patterns in tree balance among cladistic, phenetic and randomly generated phylogenetic trees. Heard, Stephen 4565
Phenotypic plasticity in Chrysoperla: genetic variation in the sensory mechanism and in correlated reproductive traits. Tauber, Catherine A.; Tauber, Maurice J. 7893
Premating isolation is determined by larval substrates in cactophilic Drosophila mojavensis. Etges, William J. 3552
Selfish larvae: development and the evolution of parasitic behaviour in the hymenoptera. Nonacs, Peter; Tobin, John E. 8480
Sex chromosomes, heterochromatin, and retrotransposon accumulation in deer mice. Hale, David W. 2522
Sex ratio selection and the evolution of environmental sex determination in laboratory populations of Menidia menidia. Conover, David O.; VanVoorhees, David A.; Ehtisham, Amir 4287
Sexual dimorphism, mating system and body size in New World blackbirds (Icteridae). Webster, Michael S. 10365
Sexual selection and fitness variation in a population of small mouth bass, Micropterus dolomieui (Pisces: Centrarchidae). Wiegmann, Daniel D.; Baylis, Jeffrey R.; Hoff, Michael H. 6712
Spatial and temporal variation in selection on correlated life-history traits and plant size in Chamaecrista fasciculata. Kelly, Carol A. 5926
Species isolation, genital mechanics, and the evolution of species-specific genitalia in three species of Macrodactylus beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabeidae, Melolonthinae). Eberhard, William G. 5058
Temperature determination of male outcrossing ability in a simultaneous hermaphrodite. Schrag, Stephanie J.; Read, Andrew F. 4937
The detection of gametic disequilibrium between allozyme loci in natural populations of Drosophila. Zapata C.; Alvarez, G. 6650
The extent and nature of variation in phenotypic solution. Weis, Arthur E.; Abrahamson, Warren G.; Andersen, Mark C. 9313
The relative importance of inbreeding and maternal sex in determining progeny fitness in Sidalcea oregana ssp. spicata, a gynodioecious plant. Ashman, Tia-Lynn 6513

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