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Evolution of the AFS logo.


This logo first appeared in modern costing's August 1964 issue and was used until June 1970. It never appeared in the AFS Transactions.

The first "official" logo of the American Foundrymen's Association appeared in AFA Transactions in 1915. The letters on the logo changed to AFSin 1948 with the name change to the American Foundrymen's Society. This logo was used in the Transactions until 1970 and in modern casting until 1964.

Each of the new logos for AFS, Cast Metals Institute and modem casting have been designed using a triangle. The triangle is symbolic of the AFS mission: Management and Technology built on Education.

First appearing in the June 1970 issue of modem casting and then in

Transactions in 1973, this logo is probably best known to current AFS members. It endured until December 1990.

The new AFS logo was developed in late 1990 and was introduced in January 1991, coinciding with the merger of the American Found men's Society and the American Cast Metals Association.
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