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Evidence-based psychotherapy; where practice and research meet.


Evidence-based psychotherapy; where practice and research meet.

Ed. by Carol D. Goodheart et al.

American Psychological Assn.


295 pages




Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a term that psychotherapy has borrowed from medicine; it was "evidence-based treatment" and "empirically validated treatment" in former incarnations. Goodheart, a psychologist in private practice in Princeton affiliated with Rutgers U., with her colleagues at Yale and Tufts U., introduce 11 chapters presenting a range of perspectives on EBP from practice and research. In the provocatively-titled final chapter, "Evidence-based practice: gold standard, gold plated, or fool's gold," Robert J. Sternberg (best known for his theory of successful intelligence) summarizes cautions raised in the text about EBP-- e.g., the need to take into account the context of practice.

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