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Everything Begins with Asking for Help.

Everything Begins with Asking for Help

Kevin Braddock


c/o Octopus Books

9780857836762, $12.99

Everything Begins with Asking for Help: An Honest Guide to Depression and Anxiety, From Rock Bottom to Recovery uses the author's own mental breakdown and recovery tools to present an important survey about mental health. As such, it goes beyond most self-help and how-to titles to base his experiences on real efforts to ask his friends for help, a move that led him to recovery. Readers receive instruction on how to ask for help, how to listen to answers, and how to maintain stable mental health. It's Braddock's personal insights which keep this book on track and filled with more practical approaches than most books about depression offer: "... in sickness and in health, being rigid with regimes has only ever served to create rather than assuage anxieties: these days I've got a better understanding of when I need to go faster or slower, or when my body needs more grunt (press-ups and running) or more float (tai chi and dancing). Its candid discussion will prove vital to addressing personal mental health challenges.

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Publication:The Bookwatch
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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