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Everything's A Dollar.

Everything's A Dollar

Owner: Value Mart Inc. Address: 3929 McCain Blvd., North Little Rock, 758-2776 Start-up date: July 3

Everything's A Dollar is the 1990s answer to five-and-dime stores.

With 150 locations nationwide, the 5-year-old chain is now opening an average of 10 stores per month.

According to Duane Carter, manager of the McCain Mall location at North Little Rock, Everything's A Dollar began when a novelty store owner couldn't pay his debt to a vendor. The owner simply gave the store to the vendor, Bo Perry.

Perry decided to sell items for $1 each. The idea caught on.

Soon, Perry and his partner, Michael Porter, had more stores than they could manage. They sold their company to Value Mart, which is based in Milwaukee.

Carter, 48, says his 23 employees are mostly high school and college students.

Everything's A Dollar does not advertise, according to Carter.

The store concentrates on low markups and large volume.
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