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Everyone needs an estate plan.

THANKS FOR SHEDDING SOME LIGHT ON THE TOPIC OF estate planning ("You Can't Take it With You," August 2007). As an estate planning attorney, I spend many hours working with the families of those who did not have an estate plan. Dying without a will can create a more difficult, expensive, and volatile probate process for loved ones who are still grieving.

Think about the people you know who are injured in accidents or suffering an illness. Even if these conditions are temporary, certain estate planning documents can make the situation easier if someone is named to handle financial and healthcare matters. Do you have minor children? If so, who will become their guardian if you are no longer around?

I know this topic may be unpleasant, but it's reality. Accidents happen, people get sick and die. The fight estate plan will make you think about all these things. It's time that we realize that an estate plan is not just for the rich and the elderly.

Aquanetta J. Betts, Esq.

Betts Law Offices L.L.C

Owings Mills, MD
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Betts, Aquanetta J.
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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